NRIs have requested annulment of the electoral process and reform of overseas voting

Representatives of the Salvadoran diaspora in Washington demanded an audit after indications that the chain of custody of election packages was broken.

Pro-democracy groups and US-resident Salvadorans in Washington protested in front of the ultra-conservative conference, attended by Salvador’s newly elected President Nayib Bukele, to demand the annulment of the electoral process following irregularities.

Due to the chaos and illegalities in the electoral process, Indians in the diaspora took part in speaking out against the February 4 election results, considering them fraudulent.

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One reason they demand the election be canceled is because they condemn breaking the chain of custody of each vote.

These Salvadoran voices abroad believe that the electoral process was burdened with irregularities and illegitimacy from the beginning. Therefore, they demand that in the new elections, the presidential candidacy of the Nuevas Ideas Party not be enabled, since it violates the rules established in the Constitution of the Republic and the electoral laws.

Although these will be the last elections that the current magistrates of the electoral body will hold, the Salvadoran community in Washington demands his resignation before the next elections, in order to guarantee that the appointment of new holders to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) is allowed to be respected. Gives. Largest popular representation in the next election.

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Forensic audit and external vote

They also suggest a forensic audit to investigate the reasons for the alleged electoral boycott and determine possible criminal responsibility in the entire electoral process.

The court appointed one company to execute the voting abroad and another company to audit it. But the Court did not appoint anyone to evaluate the operation of its computer systems.

The head of the computer systems unit, Ignacio Villagran, assured in the second election simulation that the system had been “improved” and in a few hours it would release preliminary election results. However, the opposite happened on election day.

As voting resumed abroad, the Salvadoran community demanded that voting be done for them in person, not electronically, using mechanisms to verify each voter’s identity.

It is worth noting that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal left out biometric verification for people voting in person, despite the fact that the voting company had also recommended it.

Salvadorans demand that the voting method be through physical ballots and sent under the old postal mail system.

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