Officers “demand invoices” arrived in Seniyat and detained iPhone cell phone instead of screwdriver (video)

Senit officers of the Subaltern Air Customs of the state of Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui, carried out an irregular procedure against a passenger who had his iPhone 14 Plus model phone arbitrarily stolen.

“Nobody has a phone bill,” protested the citizen, who recorded the episode and later reported it on social networks.

“It is different in this case,” the Senat official argued.

“Well, I don’t have it. “What will we do with the phone?” the owner asked.

The man in uniform replied, “In that case, if you get me the challan, everything is fine.”

“And if not, has the phone been retained?” The user asked the question again.

“No,” the officer promised lightly.

However, that promise remained just that, as just minutes later the citizen was forced to hand over his cell phone to another officer.

“If I don’t present it, Senyat hangs up the phone,” commented the subject, while he was forced to leave it in the office.

The official expressed regret for the user, saying, “We are going to proceed with retaining the phone (…) You will have to present an invoice.”

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This is not the first time that officials employed in Venezuelan state institutions attempt to carry out unregulated theft with the same light logic as invoices. Symbolic was the case of the PNB official who asked for proof of payment for a screwdriver from a driver in the Falcon State.

What does Venezuelan law say about these matters?

Specifically, Article 794 of the Venezuelan Civil Code establishes that “In respect of movable property, depending on its nature and the holder’s title, possession, in good faith, in favor of a third party, produces the same effect as title. This provision does not apply to universal furniture,

That is, it is not necessary for citizens to travel across the national territory with invoices for all their goods to verify that they are their legitimate owners.

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