Ohtani and Dodgers threatened in Korea, Opening Day in jeopardy

los angeles dodgers And San Diego Padres They planned to make their respective Major League season debuts in the city on March 20. soul, South Korea, Both teams arrived at the venue in recent days and secured two wins in their exhibition matches against Asian teams shohei ohtani hero.

The Japanese Shohei Ohtani was, without a doubt, one of the main references after the announcement of the presence of the Los Angeles team. seoul series, Ability to hit and throw like the best mlb Asians have made him one of the most followed athletes in recent times.

A large number of fans gathered in South Korea to attend the presentations of major league teams. Of course, for the clash between the two teams, the stadium “Gochok Sky Dome” It will operate at its full capacity on both dates.

Shohei Ohtani and Los Angeles Dodgers received threats in Seoul

According to the above media outlet, “Police are tracking down the sender of the email that threatened to attack the Gochok Sky Dome.” The news agency also reported that in the messages received, he talked about hurting superstar Shohei Ohtani and his other teammates.

The statement closed with the police’s intention to deploy 30 commandos and 120 soldiers to search the stadium and prevent any incidents. Likewise, he assured that no dangerous or suspicious situation was found.

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