Iggy Azalea attacks ‘broke’ fans who can’t pay her OnlyFans fees

Iggy Azalea, best known for her hit ‘Fancy’, is facing mixed reactions from fans over her content on subscription service OnlyFans. Despite financial success on this platform, Starr spoke of a possible departure from the music industry. At the age of 33, she is one of the highest earning celebrities on OnlyFans in 2024 with an impressive income.

On social media, Iggy revealed that she enjoys creation and art direction more than songwriting. She revealed that she has no plans to finish her album, as she feels more fulfilled when she focuses on creative projects. The rapper insisted that she was never ‘pushed away from music’, rather she simply followed her passion for design and creative direction.

When it comes to OnlyFans, Iggy Azalea makes approximately $307,000 per day from her $20.99 monthly subscription. She even responded to a fan demanding more content on OnlyFans, saying that those complaining have ‘not unlocked paid content’ and that she poses naked on the platform. The $25 admission doesn’t grant access to everything, he said. This year she has already earned around $17 million on OnlyFans.

The rapper’s decision to step away from music surprised many fans, but he is firm on the new direction of his career. Iggy Azalea continues to be talked about, whether for her music, her posts or her fascinating activities on social networks.

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