“Tren de Guacara”, the new criminal gang that will be active in Carabobo

La Libertad street where the shootout occurred due to the Guacara train. Photo Haberlizeth Gonzalez

“Guacara Train” or “TG”, by their abbreviated form. This is the name of the new gang that will be active in that municipality in the eastern axis of Carabobo and which this weekend attacked a house, in which two women and a man were wounded by bullets.

By: El Carabobeno

“They are little boys. “They must not be older than 23 years old,” said a man talking about Saturday night’s incident: four members of the criminal group arrived at a house on El Carmen Street, La Libertad sector and took two women and a man. shot up. …A teenager was also present at the time of the shooting and was the only one who was unharmed.

The Tren de Guacara gang is believed to be composed of approximately ten individuals. They have been committing crimes in Chile and more recently in Colombia, where they reportedly receive training. According to initial investigation, they are related to the Aragua train. The name Guakara Train may have originated from there.

Apparently, many of them arrived in Venezuela on Friday with the intention of carrying out the attack in La Libertad, where they grew up and many neighbors know them.

One of the anti-socials is also well known in the community because apparently he was a baseball coach at the Turumo field. Probably for the same reason, they did not shoot the young man, because he was a baseball player at that minor baseball school.

On Saturday night, four men on two motorcycles arrived at the house in La Libertad. While they were on their way, they started recording and recorded the armed attack. In the recording you can hear him saying: “It’s TG, it’s TG”, to take credit for the criminal action, which he bragged about on social media a few minutes later.

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