On Amazon Mexico you can find this T-Fal blender for only 679 pesos to enjoy sauces, juices and smoothies.

New year, new kitchen appliances; If you are looking for a new food processor to prepare all your favorite dishes and drinks, you can buy this blender from Amazon Mexico at a special price of only 679 pesos,

T-Fal Infini Force 12-Speed ​​Blender White.

*Some prices may have changed since last review

It has Powerlix technology with six stainless steel blades which is much more efficient; Apart from this, you can grind food with its 12 speeds, Leave the texture you want most, This will help you make cleaning easier, as the glass pieces are removable, so you can access all the residue left in it and prevent bacteria from building up.

Remember to make your purchases from Amazon Prime To take full advantage of all the special benefits, like free shipping, priority delivery or scheduling them including weekends. Don’t forget that if you are a new user of the service, you will be able to enjoy 30 day free trial,

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