One Day (Netflix): The series adaptation of the film with Anne Hathaway finally has a trailer

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we will soon be able to discover One Day, a new romantic series launching on February 8, 2024 on Netflix. Adapted from the best-seller by David Nicholls, the series follows Anne Hathaway’s iconic film.

One Day at a Time series: What will this new Netflix adaptation be about?

has already been adapted into a film in 2011, one day A timeless romance that deserves its own series after the feature film. Soon to air on Netflix on February 8, 2024, the first season of the long-awaited series will consist of fourteen episodes where we will be able to discover Emma and Dexter’s love story and relationship over the years. Like the 2011 film, the plot will focus on the bond that will unite the two young students over the years at each of their reunions on July 15. On this day, in 1988, emma morley And Dexter May Celebrating the end of your university studies. This day will mark their meeting and the beginning of their relationship, which will evolve between moments of joy and sadness, but which above all will be built around a lot of love and friendship. Time passes and their destinies become intertwined: despite taking different paths, they always find each other. But in this new adaptation, will they end up together or apart?

there is a day like this love story It is as simple and beautiful as it is poignant and heartbreaking, speaking of love as well as essentially friendship and affection over a long period of almost twenty years. So on February 14, while the series has only been available on the streaming platform for a few days, we already know what to watch, sure to shed a few tears in the process.

Trailer of the series One Day on Netflix

We finally know who will take over the great rolesAnne Hathaway And Jim Sturgess, This new Netflix series stars Ambika Mod who will play the role of beautiful Emma Morley after Anne Hathaway, while in favor of Dexter Mayhew’s character, it is leo woodall Who will play the role of a careless young man. True rising stars of British cinema, both actors are not in their first project as we have already seen the 28-year-old actress in the comedy seriesit’s gonna hurt, Available at canal+ Where she played the role of Shruti Acharya. For his part, Joe will star in the romantic series Un Journal, he is also well known among series fans because he had an important role in the second season. white lotus, where he played the role of young Jack. His remarkable performance also earned him awards. We bet Leo Woodall will perform just as well in ODIs, especially when we know david nicholsThe novelist behind the bestseller is one of the series’ executive producers.

Ten years later, we’ll certainly have a feeling of déjà vu when discovering the romantic series on February 8, but it’s a safe bet that the streaming platform will want to ground the story more in the realities of our times. So we can expect a modern series that is nevertheless faithful to its original version, as revealed by the trailer recently released by Netflix.

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