One of Toyota’s most reliable pickup trucks has traveled more than a million miles

Strong, reliable and unbreakable. The history of this Toyota pickup is truly incredible and has broken durability records.


Toyota pickups are synonymous with reliability here, in the North, in the South and anywhere in the world. Regardless of its origin. And it has no effect on which user you talk to: the Hilux is one of the most resistant on the market, especially the first units that were known in the late 60s.

It is a pickup that, over time, has earned the epithet of indestructible, regardless of its use. And this Over 400,000 units sold per year In the various markets it participates in, it has a factory warranty and the best after-sales service as well.

Logically, the longest lasting units that continue to work from day one are those that demonstrate the reliability of a certain model due to their high mileage. And it is the case of the Toyota Hilux that is on this note, because it has overtaken traveled millions of milesThat means more than 1.6 million km.


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According to its owner, despite the numerous punishments it has received in recent times, it is still functional, which can be seen with the naked eye throughout the bodywork as well as inside. Patented in 1980With over 40 years of use and abuse, this Toyota Hilux still works despite traveling On an average about 20,000 km per year.

According to the owner, several suspension components broke during this time, but nothing out of this world and not something expected in this type of use. Additionally, this truck retained the original 2.2 gasoline engine until 640,000 km not open And only with preventive maintenance. Then, they changed it for the next generation, 2.4, which is already Over 900,000km without any problems.


Pickup and its file in Argentina

History tells us that the Toyota Hilux began its extensive and successful career In 1968 When the first generation appeared under the nomenclature RN10, However, we had to wait ten years to see it in person, as the first units of the N30 and N40 generations arrived from Japan in 1978.

This is how the pickup truck made its way into a market that at the time was dominated by full-size trucks loaded with products. ford, chevrolet and dodge As the main character. As time went on, that pickup began to establish itself and demonstrate its reliability and robustness, two qualities that remained with it practically throughout its career.


Today it seems somewhat impossible to think that the Hilux had to overcome prejudices, but we must not forget that this model landed in a country where there was not much trust in imported products and at that time the Hilux was especially viewed with distrust. Was seen from. By the most demanding users in the region Who were used to other types of vehicles.

However, Toyota has passed all the reliability tests and is one of the most important and successful brands in the market today. Almost 20 years after the arrival of the first imported Hilux, the Japanese company inaugurated the Zarate plant, which is an example to follow today and Produces the latest generation at full strength of Hilux to be exported to a large number of countries across the world.

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