Ozmendi wins the heart of a beauty queen

Motagua’s scorer, “El Pistolero” Agustín Ozmendi, surprised by dating a stunning Honduran girl.

Agustín Ozmendi wins the heart of a beautiful beauty queen.

Ozmendi will soon celebrate two years since coming to Honduras, and he has surrounded himself with people who fill his heart.

In the last hours the new victory of Argentina Ozmendi became known.

He recently made public his relationship with a beautiful Honduran girl. The two attended the Myke Towers concert in Tegucigalpa together.

You might be familiar with her because she’s been caught at National League games recently, and now, we know why…

This is Cecilia García, a girl conquered by Ozmendi.

The beautiful model is a resident of the capital Tegucigalpa.

Garcia, 20, won the Miss Grand Honduras pageant in September 2023.

Cecilia is a student of Audiovisual and Advertising Communication.

The beautiful Cecilia has many followers on social networks, especially on Instagram.

The voluptuous girl has brown hair, fair skin and blue eyes. Looks radiant in sunlight.

@Cesiliagarciap_ is the Instagram account of a beautiful girl from the capital.

Ozmendi’s girlfriend likes sports, especially tennis.

“I am a disciplined, strong woman with commitment and the qualities required for international competition. Besides, I am a woman committed to my five-star country,” Cecilia had said at the time.

Cecilia Garcia is 1.74 meters tall.

Ozmendi and Garcia’s romance began in 2024. They have been seen together in this tournament.

Cecilia García is a popular model for advertising campaigns and fashion catwalks in Tegucigalpa.

This is the beautiful Cecilia Garcia, Agustín Ozmendi’s new conquest.

Cecilia has a great body.

Cecilia won the heart of Argentinian scorer Ozmendi.

Cecilia is originally from Tegucigalpa.

Cecilia shows off her amazing body on social networks.

Agustin Ozmendi finds new love by conquering Honduran beauty queen

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