Pakistan Security Council to hold emergency meeting on Iran tension

Anuar ul Haq Kakkar, interim Prime Minister of Pakistan. Europa Press/Contact/PPI

He Pakistan National Security Council An emergency meeting will be held this Friday to resolve recent tensions with Iran, although Pakistani officials stressed the existence of “positive exchanges” between the two countries following recent mutual bombings against “terrorist” targets in their territories. Have pointed towards.

The meeting will be presided over by the interim Prime Minister. Anwar Ul Haq Kakkarwho has cut his journey short davos economic forum Following these events, and this will include ministers and army chiefs, Asim MunirAs reported by Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’.

A few hours before this, the spokesperson of Pakistani Foreign Ministry… Mumtaz BalochFollowing an exchange of messages between the Deputy Secretaries of Foreign Affairs, the two countries pointed out “some positive exchanges”. Hayat Qureshiand their Iranian counterparts, Rasool MousaviThrough the social network X.

Mousavi confirmed that the Iranian Foreign Ministry’s latest statement “marks the last point of tension between Iran and Pakistan” and stressed that “leaders and senior officials of both countries know that only terrorists and enemies of the two countries” can escalate tensions. Benefit from. , “The main problem of the Islamic world is to stop the crimes of the Zionists in Gaza,” he said.

In the said statement, Iranian diplomacy reiterated that Pakistan’s latest bombing was “unacceptable”, but stressed that Tehran “adheres to the policy of good neighborliness and brotherhood between the two countries and both governments” and “it does not oppose the enemies.” Does not allow putting pressure on “friendly and fraternal relations between Tehran and Islamabad.”

Iran also said that protecting its territorial integrity “is a ‘red line'” and called on Pakistan to “fulfill its obligations to prevent the establishment of bases and deployment of terrorists in its territory”, while noting that Iran stressed “the distinction between Pakistan’s friendly and brotherly government and armed terrorists.”

In response, Qureshi claimed to “have the same feelings” as Mousavi, whom he described as “a dear brother”. “Pakistan and Iran have brotherly relations and they should move forward to resolve all issues through positive dialogue,” he said.

Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said the country carried out targeted strikes on Baloch separatist positions inside Iran, along a highway in Karachi, Pakistan, following which several people read newspapers. January 18, 2024. Reuters/Akhtar Soomro

“It is important to restore the trust that has always defined our bilateral relations. Our common challenges, including terrorism, require coordinated action,” Qureshi said, adding that international concern has increased following the recent rise in tensions.

In recent years, Iran and Pakistan have exchanged accusations regarding the presence of Baloch armed groups on both sides of the border that use these bases to carry out attacks, although they have always cooperated in diplomatic channels. Remained committed to strengthening. Which they call a common threat.

However, Iran’s Revolutionary Guard launched a series of attacks against “terrorists” of the armed group on Tuesday. Jaish al-Adl in Pakistani territory, following which Islamabad condemned the death of two children and called for consultations with its ambassador as a “gross violation of its sovereignty”.

Just a day later, Pakistan carried out bombings against Iranian territory, claiming that its targets were members of the armed groups Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) and Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF). Tehran claimed that nine people were killed in the attacks and called on the Pakistani charge d’affaires to “provide an explanation”.

Faced with this situation, both countries in the region and powers like Russia and China – who offered mediation – and the United Nations made various calls for containment to prevent further escalation of bilateral tensions.

(With information from Europa Press)

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