Parranda beer batches spoiled due to poor storage

The company Cervecería Cubana SA, which produces parranda beeradmitted that many of its lots came to market in poor condition due to poor storage.

Likewise, they assure that they gave personal attention to each consumer who contacted them through official channels to comment on the situation, and according to a post on Facebook, replaced the affected bottles with fresh product.

“If you have had any inconvenience with any of our beers, we invite you to write to us on our messenger. We will analyze your specific situation and provide you with appropriate and timely feedback. We want to ensure that every experience with Parranda is satisfactory and that we exceed your expectations,” the company says.

The company announced that they have removed the damaged batches of Paranda, which has a shelf life of six months under favorable conditions, from the market.

They assure that they have implemented a new commercial policy to ensure that the beer in the country is always the freshest.

Finally, they confirm that the problems they are facing have nothing to do with the low prices of Parranda in the market, which leads them to become “the most accessible and popular beer in the country”. Used to be.

In Parranda’s post, some users complained that they have faced similar problems with Parranda beer in the past.

Fábrica Cervecería Cubana S.A. is the result of The alliance between Cuba’s Ron and the Swinkels family, known for its Bavaria and Hollandia line on the islandWhose investment exceeded 100 million dollars.

Apart from Paranda beer, the facility will also produce and market alcoholic and non-alcoholic malt-based beverages as well as other refreshing beverages.

According to its manufacturers, Paranda is packaged in PET (polyethylene terephthalate) technology in 0.5 liter and one and a half liter bottles, to make it easy to store, consume and reconstitute at home.

Its name is due to the fact that Paranda is a cultural heritage of the country and UNESCO and that these parties excite people, and when people share their experiences, it adds freshness and Brings joy. To assure

The first Paranda beer was marketed in Havana in July last year.

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