Other ways to find peace are not meditation and our body needs it

Of the things needed for good age And with health it’s the management of stress, with activities that allow us Reduce the intensity. It is something that gives our body years of life, makes us feel better, because it has been proven: chronic stress And this Swelling They accelerate degeneration and shorten the length of telomeres (the ends of chromosomes, which say a lot about the speed of our aging, our actual, biological, not chronological age).

Dr. Vicente Mera, one of the great anti-aging researchers and head of Internal Medicine and Wellbeing at the SHA Wellness Clinic, says that the best way to age slowly and harmoniously is to perform. Practices that combine the physical, mental and spiritual: “Everyone will see, according to their personality, culture or tastes, what satisfies them the most: yoga (as well as flexibility), tai chi (Balance Plus), the chi kung (energy) . Also they are valid for allBecause it is simple to learn and practice with progressive difficulty if you want to delve deeper into them. silence, “There are people who like to pray, meditate, breathe consciously in silence… It depends on culture and personality, but those minutes calm and introspective are very important,” says Dr. Vicente Mera.

But the truth is that for many people, meditating without any delay is still a difficult task, or they don’t know how to do it, or they don’t have the patience to continue with it, or it’s too much for their quick inner self. Is not compatible with. So, let me tell you other ways to find peace that I have learned from the orders of the great professionals at SHA.

1. water

In the form of immersion and floating therapy. In ancient cultures it was already prescribed as a method Remedial: Hippocrates recommends treatment with cold baths, steam, hot moist compresses, mud poultices, and showers at various pressures while walking. They started it at SHA Wellness Clinic vatsu, About an hour long float that adds therapeutic properties with water shiatsu massage, It was created in the early 1980s by Harold Dull, who, after learning the secrets and techniques of shiatsu in Japan, adapted it to the aquatic environment.

A therapist performs individual stretching of muscles and joints with gentle movements and acupressure while the person is immersed in water. A small float support is placed, and the rest of the body is supported by the practitioner, with the person floating simply asked to disconnect… feeling of weightlessness Overall, there are people who say that the sensation is exactly like what we feel in the womb, and that it offers many benefits, both physically and mentally.

2. Cooking, knitting, reading…concentration

This path is not suitable for everyone, especially those who ‘hate’ cooking. But if you are one of those people who love to cook, but you can’t live it day-to-day because you see it as an obligation, then try doing it just for fun. touching food, smelling it, enjoying the aroma And taste. At SHA they give a private class in their chef studio where in addition to learning their famous delicious balanced, natural and alkaline recipes, Foods of plant and sea origin, You learn to enjoy all the nuances that we take for granted on a daily basis when cooking.

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t set foot in the kitchen, there are other activities that work on concentration as well as the senses. For example, knitting, embroidery, doing physical activities in general.

3. walk

At TELVA we are fans of walking, and we never stop telling you about the best ways to do it and its benefits. The European Society of Cardiology recommends taking a daily walk in between 30 and 45 minutes and especially, at sunset, Every morning at SHA they offer Trips to Albir Lighthouse, nailed spectacular view of the Gulf of Altea, the Serra de Bernia and the Serra Gelada itself.

4. Pressotherapy

It is a technique to cause lymphatic drainage throughout our body, especially in and out of the legs, thereby activating circulation throughout the body. However in SHA it is fitted in the cabin with a special machine. air pressure We can do our own small adaptations on different parts of the body at home. Even something as simple as placing yourself in a spike position by raising your legs, leaning on the wall or the headboard of the bed will energize. return movement Throughout our body. If we also do this calmly, quietly and while breathing consciously, it becomes a true moment of self-care.

5. Breathe…really

We have forgotten something as simple as breathing well. We think we do it well but in reality we do not because we limit the benefits of doing it only to its physical function, but forget everything else. At SHA they teach how to get all your benefits through one class Pranayama: “Prana” means vital energy, and when you breathe well it flows throughout the body, reducing blood pressure, in addition to increasing blood pressure. lung capacity and improve the quality of Dream, There are 5 to 10 pranayama exercises, but it is advisable to learn to practice them with the help of an expert, and then you can proceed on your own. One of the simplest to implement full breath, We take air into the stomach (it is taken in and exhaled through the nose), we continue to fill our thoracic capacity until we feel the air in our collarbones; From there we follow the reverse process to termination. This is a slow and deep exercise which we can practice for 5 minutes.


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