Paula “Peck” Pareto’s key to combining two passions: between Olympic gold and medicine

On January 12, the judoka and the doctor participated in a motivational talk for youth marbella spa, mar del plataWhere he shared his experience on making studies and high performance sports compatible.

“Judo is not that common and I think that’s why I started it. Pareto, 38, said in a conversation, “I always liked doing what ordinary people do not do.” University of the 21st century. He started at the age of 8, so he has been in this discipline for 30 years.

Lucia Cosoletto, professional surfer and Siglo 21 student, and Paula Pareto, Olympic gold-winning judoka and trauma doctor (Christian Heit)

In addition to being the first Argentine woman to win olympic gold medal (Rio 2016), Pareto is trauma therapist: “Many times people ask me how I was able to balance both the things. I think that, rather than contradicting each other, they complemented each other, so I gave 100% to each, because I knew I had enough time for one and the other,” he explained.

who was part of the conversation futur organized by 21st century Across the country, it was indicated that “the key to achieving objectives” is to know what the goal is and to always keep it in mind.

Futur’s first talk took place in Mar del Plata (Christian Heit)

“I don’t always like getting up at 5 a.m. because I have to study or train, but I have a goal in mind and I know that the days that are hardest for me to get up are the most successful days. There are moments that will cost you more, there are moments that will cost you less, but if you have a firm goal, motivation is what keeps you going,” he said.

Another one of the participants was lucia cosolettoA professional surfer (Two-time World and Pan American Champion), Graduated from Technical Degree Marketing and Digital Advertising and current students in Siglo 21 Bachelor’s degree in Entrepreneurship.

Universidad Siglo 21’s Futur aims to inspire young people to study and presents different “future careers” (Christian Heit)

“The life of an athlete is not for life, so, when I finish competing, my greatest desire is to combine what I have learned with the sport I love. Nowadays technology is an incredible convenience which helped me a lot. I travel all over the world and study 100% online in between training, between competitions. There are no excuses, you have to get yourself together, choose something you like and move on,” he expressed.

Universidad Siglo 21’s Futur aims to inspire young people to study and represent different “Future Career” Facing the upcoming technological challenges, many cities in the country. Other references that will participate are Nicolas Occhiato, Tomas Balmaceda, Matteo Salvato and Ivan de Pinedaamong others.

The project includes an interactive trailer where you can find virtual reality games, futuristic avatars and a metaverse (Christian Heit).

The project includes an interactive trailer that you can watch virtual reality games, futuristic avatar and a metaverse It is called “Find Your Future”, which has been developed so that each visitor can discover the future profession that best suits their profile.

Some of the races that are part of this section are Bachelor of Engineering in Innovation and Development, Bachelor in Education and New Technologies, Bachelor in Hydrocarbons and Geosciences, Bachelor in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Bachelor in Technological Infrastructure Administration, Bachelor in Bioinformatics and Bachelor in Information Management.

The 21st century applies artificial intelligence to its education system (Christian Heat)

“when we talk future careers We mention above all those careers that are not currently in high demand, but which are characterized by rapid growth that is expected in the coming years,” explains Leonardo Medrano, Doctor in Psychology and Secretary General of the Academy and Development. University of the 21st century.

in the matter of 21st century, The university applies artificial intelligence in its education system. First of all it does this for personalization of learning, Through an AI that accompanies each student in the process.

Siglo 21 has an AI algorithm that performs multivariate analysis of each student to identify those who need additional support (Christian Heit)

Another use is to detect students with some relative risk: “While persistence rates at university in Argentina are comparatively low, dropout rates are high there. Today’s artificial intelligence “It’s a tool that allows you to, for example, detect risk factors,” he said.

so in 21st century there is an algorithm Aye Which performs multivariate analysis of each student to identify those who need additional support.

Futur’s next presentations will take place on Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19 at Pinamar, featuring Nicolas Occhiato, host and founder of Luzu TV (Christian Heit).

“Many jobs will change due to automation, technological change. There are jobs that are going to disappear, new jobs that are going to emerge. It is very important to encourage people to choose future careers or careers linked to reskilling, which means acquiring tools that would be included in traditional profiles,” he concluded.

The next FuTour presentations will be Thursday, January 18 and Friday, January 19 PinamarNear nicholas occhiatoDriver and Founder LuZu TV.

Universidad Siglo 21 will also visit the following cities: On January 25 and 26 jump with Tomas Balmacedain February 1 and 2 mendoza with striped idiotin February 8 and 9 carlos paz with Cynthia Mamani 15 and 16 February cordoba capital with matteo salvattoOn 22 and 23 February Rosary beads with Melina MasnattaAnd on 29 February and 1 March buenos aires city with Ivan de pineda. Each talk will start at 6:00 pm on the second day.

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