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Do you need a new cell phone in Cuba this month? What are the prices? ETECSA, the only telecommunications provider on the island, is promoting the sale of cell phones and mobile phones available in all its offices nationwide. The cheapest starts at $170 and you can buy it on the island or from abroad.

Below we provide you with some details. According to its official website, the cheapest ETECSA cell phone for sale is the LG K41S, priced at 177.47 MLC. Another relatively cheap one, at 200 MLC, is the Alcatel 5029E. With capacity, supports ROM: 64 GB, RAM: 4 GB and External Memory: 32 GB. Connectivity from 2G to 4G LTE.

The most expensive cell phone on sale at the moment is the TCL T799B, priced at 510.18 MLC. It can be purchased from ETECSA offices or paid from abroad. Operating System: Android 10. ROM: 128 GB. RAM: 6 GB.

One of the most expensive is the LG K71, which costs 510 MLC. This mobile phone can also be paid from abroad through the international distributor, online customer Suena Cuba. It is sold with: Touch Screen Pen, Charger, Bluetooth Headphones, Silicone Case, etc. These are the prices of ETECSA cell phones.

ETECSA cell phone prices this month

In January this year, ETECSA, Cuba’s only telecommunications company, announced special offers with some discounts for its cell phones, which is currently in place. For example, the LG K41S went from $231 to $177; Now they added a few cents to the cost for January.

When this offer and prices for ETECSA cell phones were announced on their website, many readers expressed their opinions on the matter, and suggested that these cell phones are not economical due to their high cost. Do you also think so? Is it better to buy in Cuba or have it shipped from abroad? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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