Pedro Medina, new medical director of the Málaga Clinical Hospital

man from malaga Peter Medina Is new Medical Director of the Virgen de la Victoria Hospital, The Health Center reported this Wednesday that he assumes his functions as head of the region The five centers that make up the University Hospital Complex Which are Clínico, Guadalajara Valley, Marítimo of Torremolinos, CHER of Benalmadena and San José Obrero Specialty Center (Barbarella).

was born in medina The colour red in 1970 and obtained degrees in Medicine and Surgery Uma, It also has two medical specialties Family and Community Medicine, and Internal Medicine, He also has extensive health care and management experience in primary care centers and hospitals in the Málaga-Exarquia Health Management Region.

Madina has extensive experience Medical Subdirectorate of the Costa del Sol Hospital In recent years, now joining the clinic, a center he knows well, as he worked as a specialist in internal medicine from March 1, 2022 to February 2022, amid the Covid pandemic.

Medina assumes medical direction “with” great illusion and also with a lot of responsibilityTo work with the rest of our Managing Director team, Jesus Fernandez Galan“, helping to develop strategies that allow our hospital campus to best respond to health challenges for the years to come, in collaboration and coordination with all primary care centers.” the doctor changes Maria Antonia Estecha At the head of the medical direction.

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