Pena says there are no corrupt people or drug traffickers in his party.


Carlos Pena at SJM.

San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic.- Presidential candidate, Pastor Carlos Peña, called on the Dominican people to vote this coming Sunday, February 18, by voting en masse in box number 28 for the candidates for mayor and councilors. To be. Had a party. Generation of servers.

At an event in the municipality of San Juan de la Maguana, he said his party included the country’s “serious and honest” candidates.

“In Box 28 of GenS, the Generation of Servants Party, you will not find drug smugglers, thieves or corrupt people, but honorable men and women who have come into politics to serve, not to be served. Carlos Peña, addressing the crowd, said, “There will be candidates for mayor and councilors who will surely help us transform the Dominican Republic into the nation that all Dominicans deserve.”

Engineer Carlos Peña promised that once in power, he would build the Sabaneta Dam counter-reservoir and dams on the Mizo River, increasing water available for agricultural production as well as human consumption and energy production in San Juan Province. Will double the quantity. , Similarly, the former legislator promised to build a highway connecting San Juan to Santiago and announced that he already had plans and designs for it.

Carlos Peña asked the municipalities of San Juan de la Maguana to vote for Professor Leonor Ramírez as mayor of that district, highlighting the merits of all the candidates, the GenS candidate and the councilors accompanying him. Senator and candidate for Secretary General of the Celestial Party, Mr. Obispo Montero, also attended the event, as well as deputy candidates, Pastor Ruth Taveras and Pastor Carlos Castillo.

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