Peso drops to $17.23! Dollar price in Mexican banks today, January 17, 2024

Major currencies of Latin America declined again on Wednesday due to the strengthening of the dollar globally, with Dollar price today 17 January 2024 Each closes at 17.23 units for the greenback; Know what is here Exchange rates in Mexican banks,

mexican coin Bank of Mexico last fell 0.17% to 17.2304 units per dollar, its third consecutive decline, and the main stock index S&P/BMV IPC, which makes up the 35 most liquid companies in the local market, Closed with a decline of 0.75%. 54,711.69 points.

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Bet on rate cuts fed The matter calmed down after comments from the head of the European Central Bank (ECB). Christine Lagardeand the Governor of the Federal Reserve, Christopher Waller.

laggard He said in Davos that the ECB is on track to get inflation back to its 2% target, but victory has not yet been achieved.

For his part, Waller said on Tuesday that the United States is “within striking distance” of the Fed’s 2% inflation target, but that the central bank should not rush to cut its benchmark interest rate until it is clear that Hopefully inflation will remain low.

Dollar price in Mexican banks today, January 17, 2024

value of Dollars in Mexican Banks Today January 17, 2024* Closes on:

  • BBVA Mexico – 16.38 pesos for buying and 17.51 ​​pesos for selling
  • citybanamex – 16.71 pesos for buying and 17.66 pesos for selling
  • Azteca Bank – 16.30 pesos for buying and 18.05 pesos for selling
  • banorte – 16.10 pesos for buying and 17.50 pesos for selling
  • Confirm Banking – 16.20 pesos for buying and 17.70 pesos for selling
  • scotiabank – 15.00 pesos for buying and 18.00 pesos for selling
  • inbursa – 16.60 pesos for buying and 18.00 pesos for selling

*Exchange rate at 4:45 pm.

With information from Reuters


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