PREPAGA was abolished and its affiliates transferred to another: which one is it and why?

A prepaid company ceases to exist. This is Asistência Medica Norte S.A., Which was removed from the National Registry of Prepaid Medicine Entities (RNEMP) You have already transferred the majority of your affiliate portfolio. The announcement was published this Wednesday official bulletin and makes it clear There are still 357 active users left to migrate.

The Rosario company requested its registration in the registry several years ago. However, in a surprising decision, decided to cancel his license, Assigning its client portfolio to the Argentine Mutual Association (Medicine).

The government confirmed this through the Superintendent of Health Services (SSS) There are no claims or regulatory hurdles pending against the entity, According to the publication, after a detailed analysis and several inspections official Gazette. One aspect of this process was field verification of the firm’s headquarters.Address where “his vacancy was confirmed, giving rise to the decision to proceed with retirement.”

“Based on this, The SSS is in charge of keeping the national registry updated and giving authorization to operate. For the purposes of the subjects who are in a position to register in the said Registry, Must evaluate the program’s characteristics, background, and responsibility of applicants or members of the administrative body and determine the technical conditions, financial solvency, management and performance capacity as well as the formal requirements required for institutions. For registration”, the text clarifies.

“Relevant procedures were followed to verify the status of the unit. Health System User Services reported that It does not record presentations or claims regarding care. In turn, the Healthcare User Ombudsman reported No claims are in progress or pending resolution Belonging to the unit,” he says.

There are still 357 active users to transfer from Asistencia Mdica Norte SA to Asociación Mutual Argentina (Medicine).

Meanwhile, the Coordination of Summary of Sub-Management of Litigation Matters informed that Summary proceedings not in progress and/or pending compliance with approvals Whose entity is the active subject of the violation.

Also, the Sub-management of Economic and Financial Control of Prepaid Medicines and the Sub-management of Profit Control of Prepaid Medicines said that There is no record of obstruction or profit activity with objections to continuing the process and making room for the requested withdrawal.

This movement reflects the changing dynamics of the private health market in ArgentinaWith the integration of entities and transfer of portfolio to the now deregulated sector, where Competition will play a central role in the development of the industry,

The Superintendent of Health Services said that prepaid does not register obstacles in its withdrawal.

In that sense, sources in the sector indicated that the return of Asistência Mídica Norte S.A. This is not only an administrative measure but also a reflection of the situation in the area.

According to the Argentine Health Association (UAS), “The gap between the income received by companies and inflation is large”, In the last year, Prepaid increased by 137% against 211% price increase With which according to Indec 2023 ended. And if the period 2012-2023 is taken into account, it was 11,000% versus 7000%.He did the branding.

Looking towards 2024, he estimated that For January, the average quota update will be 40% and inflation is expected between 25% and 30%. “And with growth close to 30% in February, cumulative growth will reach 70%, that is, 10% more to go to compensate for the price difference“. “We have to look at the January figures to see the recovery of defunding,” he analyzed.

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