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Tea Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse The trust of the brain achieved the most impossible feat.

Writer-producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller had the incredible task of following up in 2018 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, his Oscar-winning film that redefined the animated medium and well-trodden the superhero genre. But against all odds, the longtime creative partners managed to produce a middle chapter that either matches or exceeds the trilogy starter in every direction.

For Miller, the key was to not rest on his laurels. “We knew we couldn’t do any more than this,” Miller said during a recent event. THR Presents Panel, powered by Vision Media. “The first film opened the door, but we thought (across spider-verse) can kick down doors and light bonfires — and hopefully wake up those who control the purse strings — to just how diverse a movie can look.

Lord added: “You can use this opportunity to play it safe or play it safe to avoid losing, but I think if we did that we would have lost.”

across the spider-versewhich is currently competing for the same Best Animated Feature Oscar that the original film won at the 2019 ceremony, bringing on three new co-directors, including Oscar-nominated screenwriter Kemp Powers, Avatar The Last Airbender Alumni Joaquim dos Santos and Justin K. Thompson, the latter of whom, in addition to being a veteran of Lord Miller productions, also served as Into the Spider-VerseProduction designer of.

Dos Santos acknowledged the high bar has been set Into the Spider-Verse At first he was pressed: “There was a case earlier also –spider verse Feature animation and timing in one post-spider verse Time. So it was definitely an artistic calculation for me.

Powers – who had to stop their participation across the spider-verse Until the release of his Oscar-winning Pixar film drunk — initially thought the aforementioned Jamie Foxx-led film would be his last outing as co-director of an animated feature. “I felt like I couldn’t do anything different or better (drunk) – and then I saw Into the Spider-Verse,” Powers revealed. “So I wrapped drunk on Friday and started this stupid thing on Monday.

across the spider-verse Picks up 16 months after the explosive events of the first film, as Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) is now more adept at being the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, even if it’s impacting his family and academic life. She soon encounters a new villain known as the Spot (Jason Schwartzman), which coincides with the curious return of her Earth-65 friend and crush, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman (Hailee Steinfeld) .

However, by the time the two reunited, the film had already devoted its first 20 minutes to establishing Gwen as the co-lead, a fact that Steinfeld did not fully understand until Until they screened the film for the first time. Tea spider verse The films use a piecemeal-type approach during production, and voice actors like Steinfeld are routinely called back to the recording booth after each scene or sequence has had a chance to be developed. Therefore, due to such a meticulous process, the voice cast often lacks a 30,000-foot view until the film is finally screened in the screening room.

“There are moments when you get a call to do reshoots or ADR, and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in the middle of something else.’ I’m in a completely different mindset,” Steinfeld shared. “But with this (across the spider-verse), I’m looking forward to getting that call because it was another chance to make that moment better and better.

Gwen’s emotional and revelatory scenes with her father, Captain George Stacy (Shea Whigham) on Earth-65 are among the film’s many standout moments, and with over a thousand artists and animators, the creative team created a vision for Gwen’s home. Achieves a breathtaking watercolor style. Universe that fluctuates depending on the mood of the characters.

Thompson said: “With Gwen and her dimension, it was really an amazing opportunity to show on screen what she couldn’t say with her words. If she can’t cry, let paint drip on the walls and let the rooms cry for her.”

Tea across the spider-verse The team is keeping its cards close to its collective vest regarding the final trilogy capper, beyond spider-verseBut Miller makes it clear that it will be more of the same, which doesn’t mean the same: “Our hope is to break as much new ground as we did the last time.”

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