Philippine President warns that he will take action in response to China’s increasing aggression

A Chinese coast guard ship blocked the passage of the Philippine replenishment ship Unaizah near a disputed atoll in the South China Sea on May 4 (Armed Forces of the Philippines via AP)

President of philippines Warned on Thursday that his government will take steps as per his instructions Dangerous attacks by Chinese coast guard and alleged militia ships in the disputed area South China Sea, and said that “the Filipino people do not give up.”

ferdinand marcos jr He did not give further details on the measures to be taken in the coming weeks, but said they would be “proportionate, deliberate and appropriate in the face of China’s blatant, persistent and illegal, coercive, aggressive and dangerous attacks.” Coast Guard and Marine Militia”.

Marcos, formerly known as X, wrote on Twitter, “We do not want conflict with any nation,” but he also said that the Filipino people would not “be afraid.”

The president’s warning is the latest in a series of confrontations between Beijing and Manila over the disputed waters, which have led to minor accidents Between the coast guard and other vessels of the claiming countries, initiating Dueling wars and strained relationships.

China and the Philippines, as well Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan and BruneiThere are overlapping claims on the busy, resource-rich sea route through which much of the world’s trade and oil transits.

Chinese officials in Manila or Beijing did not immediately respond to Marcos’ public warning, which coincided with EasterOne of the holiest periods in the Catholic majority country.

China’s Defense Ministry accused the Philippines of escalating disputes in the South China Sea by taking provocative steps and spreading “misinformation to mislead the international community.”

File photo of Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. (EFE/EPA/Joel Carret)

“You are wandering on a more dangerous path,” said the senior colonel. Wu QianIn a statement issued on Thursday by the Chinese Embassy in Manila, the chief spokesperson of the Defense Ministry said.

Both China and the Philippines said they were working to protect their sovereignty. Wu indicated that China is “committed to properly managing maritime differences”, while Marcos said he has been in touch with international allies who have offered to help the Philippines.

Marcos said the statement came after a meeting with the country’s senior defense and national security officials, who presented him with their recommendations. These include the use of fastest military ship Philippine Navy brings new personnel and supplies to disputed sandbar instead of chartered civilian ships second thomas shoaltwo Filipino security officials said.

The sandbar, the site of continuous hostilities since last year, is occupied by a small contingent of Philippine marines but is surrounded by Chinese coast guard and other vessels. Regional conflict that has been going on for decades.

It is unclear whether Marcos approved the recommendations. Both Filipino officials spoke separately to the agency AP On condition of anonymity as per rules.

In Saturday’s hostilities, the Chinese coast guard was used Water cannons were fired and Filipino crew members were injured and another caused extensive damage to a lumber supply ship near the Thomas Shoal sandbar.

(With information from AP)

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