Place Allotment Date 2024 MIR, EIR, FIR & PIR

with the advent of Final Results of Specialized Health Training Test 2024Health Ministry has extended the date of its process allocation of places For future residents. will be in the month of aprilThese changes to the allocation of places will be introduced as the organization progresses and new residents will be able to begin this new training phase in May.

“In the month following the publication of the resolution on the final results Schedule of space allotment will be publishedwhich is expected to develop during the month of April, Incorporation at the awarded place will, possibly, take place in mid-May and applicants are reminded that passing the prior medical examination to formalize the special residence contract is an essential requirement,” Health assured.

Although the Ministry has made rapid progress with the publication of exam answers and, consequently, results, according to these health statements, everything indicates that Allocation of places will not be extended till March And new residents will continue to join through mid-May. Moreover, the Ministry has already confirmed on several occasions that the selection process for this post will be done exclusively electronically.

Final results of FSE 2024 tests confirm all 1 marks of each exam

92% passed FSE 2024 exam

The cut-off marks for FSE 2024 tests are the same as those declared in the provisional results. in the matter of MIR is set to 115While in EIR it remains at 60, for Pharmacy it is 101, for Psychology it is 113 and, in case of Biology and Chemistry tests, the cut-off mark remains at 129 and 109 respectively. Health has specified that 92 percent people came Access to specific health training held on 20 January for tests The call cut-off point has been exceeded, Of those who passed the cut-off mark, 74 percent were women.

Regarding the universities from which the number 1 comes in the FSE 2024 tests, broken down by health professions, the number 1 is from MIR, Noelia García, Autonomous University of Madrid. In the case of EIR, No. 1 has studied at the University of Salamanca, No. 1 has studied Pharmacy at the University of Santiago de Compostela and, in the case of PIR, at the University of Murcia. He 13,994 candidates have been admitted to take the exam in MIR 2024 exam, of which 12,721 were submitted. From this figure, A total of 11,755 have crossed the cut-off mark92 percent, 78 percent are women.

Although it may include statements, data, or notes from health institutions or professionals, the information contained in medical writing is edited and prepared by journalists. We advise the reader to consult a health care professional with any health related questions.

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