Platform confirms two new femicides in Cuba marked by “extreme cruelty”

In Cuba, the feminist platform Yo Citecrio and the Alas Tenosas Gender Observatory (OGAT) confirmed two new femicides in just 48 hours in the provinces of Ciego de Ávila and Santiago de Cuba, “Extreme cruelty to women’s bodies.”

Without giving the terrible details, which they always avoid, However- both platforms noted Both deaths were marked by extreme violence in their executions.

“We verify Femicide of Raquel (Marie) Ariera Alvarez, 22 years old, which apparently took place on February 25 at his home in the Guayacan town of Mazagua, Ciego de Ávila. The attacker was her partner and the father of her minor children,” said the aforementioned source, who did not reference the presence of the woman’s body on the train line.

It was the second verified femicide.Yanelis Koka, with an age specified, which occurred on 24 February In his home, in the San Andrés neighborhood, in El Cani, Santiago de Cuba. “She died at the hands of her former partner, who later committed suicide.”

Messages of condolences were sent from the forums to the families of the dead women.

OGAT and Yo SíTeCreo in Cuba took the opportunity to include the issue as a case requiring access to police investigations. On February 9, an elderly woman was found dead. In Villa Clara, in a mill in the city of Esperanza.

Under registration till 28th February Ten women murdered so far this year, Two cases that require access to police investigation and alerting of the investigation process.

Cuba had the highest number of annual female homicides in 2023 since independent organizations Yosemite Creo en Cuba and Alas Tenosas began collecting data in 2019.

According to preliminary under-registration of the above independent organizations, between 2019 and 2023, feminist platforms have confirmed a total of 207 femicides on the island, of which 89 were committed in 2023.

Although the initial number of feminist platforms in an update made in early 2024 was 88, they decided to include the death of 27-year-old young Aneuvis de la Caridad Delgado Acosta as a case of gynecological femicide in the final review. Due to which the figure increased from 88 to 89.

Cuba underreports femicides to 89 in 2023; Femicide was attempted nine times; Two gender-related murders and five cases requiring access to police investigation.

During 2023, after years of silence, the Cuban government acknowledged the problem, although stressed that there had been no inaction on the part of the state.

Miguel Díaz-Canel called for “zero tolerance” towards gender violence, but in July he said that in the country Any criminal act is “aggravated” and especially sexual violence.

In December the government had assured that A total of 117 sexual murders occurred on the island “in late October”.But the criteria used were not specified.

Agency Efe indicated that Average profile of victims of gender violence in Cuba in 2023 She was a 37-year-old woman, the mother of at least one child, who lived in a rural area and was murdered by her former partner.

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