Plus size girl poses as a model on Venezuelan beach and gets the biggest surprise of her life

Venezuela is known throughout the world for its beautiful women and impressive natural landscapes, among other things.

She has won more beauty pageants than other countries, but she does not escape stereotypes of catwalk women such as height and size.

Even after participating in Miss Venezuela, the most beautiful models are selected for the image of a recognized beer brand, known as “Polar Girls”.

But this week, Anais Duarte, a courageous plus-size girl who decided to upload a parody on her network of herself wearing a bathing suit on a beach in the country, saying that she was the real “Polar Girl”.With her beautiful fresh face, a Creole smile from end to end and her curves sure to be far from that pattern.

Such courage gave him the surprise of his life.

The brand wrote in its publication: “Anais, these photos are all about attitude. 🔥🔥
You are one of those Venezuelan women who represent who we are and that already makes you a Polar Girl. We want to talk to you, we will get in touch. Good luck with that one!”

This Thursday, Duarte offered an interview with journalist Shirley Vernaghi, in which she explained that she has a degree in Social Communication and that more than a year ago she quit creating content on Tik Tok to become a model for the brand. Had dedicated himself to. Received organic growth and it went viral.

“Part of the message is that they can, but you can too (…) Exposing yourself so much, it’s years of work“he explained.

The young Venezuelan woman is also the founder of a marketing company. In this regard, she assures that now the time has come to give different nuances to marketing in Venezuela. On the other hand, he reflected deeply on his relationship with his body.

“It’s been a job for years. I hate my body and I hate hating my body (…) There’s a huge psychological work behind all this”He expressed.


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