Poor Creatures by Yorgos Lanthimos: film review

Name , poor things
Father , Yorgos Lanthimos
Date of birth : 17 January 2024
Kind : theatrical release
nationality , usa
size , 2h21 / weight :NC
gender , comedy, drama, fantasy

Family Record Book: Emma Stone, Mark Ruffalo, Willem Dafoe…

special features : Amazingly brilliant.

Summary: Bella is a young woman who is brought back to life by the brilliant and unconventional Dr. Godwin Baxter. Under his tutelage he is eager to learn. Eager to discover a world she knows nothing about, she runs away with Duncan Wedderburn, a skilled and debauched lawyer, and embarks on a whirlwind journey across continents. Unconcerned by the prejudices of her time, Bella is determined to defy the principles of equality and liberation.

a certain look at the world

our opinion on poor creature

This is a film which can create a stir in the next Oscar ceremony with its 11 nominations. Starting with the race for the Best Actress statue, which we will see in the hands of Emma Stone. five years later FavoriteGreek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos finds an actress for a strong OFNI capable of tickling the juggler’s feet oppenheimer During the huge gathering of cinema. Adapted from a novel by Alasdair Gray, poor creatures A bizarre blend of retrofuturistic fantasy, black comedy and Gothic drama (to put it briefly), it aims to write a fable about the world by recounting the journey of a woman who commits suicide to escape a violent husband. After she is brought back to life after a scientist replaces her brain with the brain of her unborn child, Bella will discover the world again.

What a story! What a filmmaker! What an actress! And the combination of these three exclamations leads to the fourth: What a movie! Or rather, what a great movie! Through this completely crazy story mixing brains, sex, innocence, sociability, dominant patriarchy, traveling around the world, love, pain, liberated feminism, reports of abuse, violence, vaginas, goats and experiences, Yorgos Lanthimos Makes for a huge film, constantly nourished by reflection on the current state of the world. From feminist rebellion to insurgent capitalism through the disarming perspective that a virgin mind can have on a drifting humanity, poor creatures A masterclass whose intelligence we can never appreciate too much.

a bit like Edward Scissorhands, poor creatures It is a journey of chronological discovery of the world. Driven by the endearing innocence of her newborn brain in an adult body, Bella has no inherent emotions. It is a blank page which has not yet been adapted to norms, ideas, experience. Thus she will continue to see the world as it rotates, that is, contrary to a priori logic. Violence, poverty, patriarchy that one fears, rebellion of submissive women, lost innocence, greed, norms that hinder freedom, are the pictures that pass before one’s eyes that one cannot understand. The contrast between her apparent freshness and the reality of the world, which she understands without codes, will create moments of great humor. Even moments of great cruelty. But above all, Lanthimos brings forth a reflection on the shackles that limit us and on the nonsense that determines the direction of the world.

A retelling of the Frankenstein myth rooted in modern allegory, poor creatures is a film of contradictions, crazy and obvious, brilliant and mischievous, entertaining and cerebral, radical and accessible, complex and very simple, exhilarating and uncomfortable, brutal and very touching. Yorgos Lanthimos’ best film to date. As for Emma Stone, barring a never-before-seen injustice, her adorable performance should earn her a more than deserved Oscar. With her devotion to the role, she brings the unique magic of a crazy, original, inventive and irreverent film. A crazy and brilliant cinematic gem like this that we rarely see.

by Nicolas Rieux

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