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From the commune of Tocopilla, the young man obtained the only special entry quota for the career that the program offers to its graduates.

Cristóbal Sánchez Lara, a student graduating from the Propaedeutics of the Universidad Católica del Norte (UCN), after obtaining the highest marks in the selection examination for the Special Admission to the Medicine degree taught at UCN Coquimbo, from the Bicentenario Sagrada Familia School in Tocopilla, Cota Managed to get. There were eight young people who participated in the process and prepared for the delivery of the equipment designed by the Faculty of Medicine.

“It was my passion since childhood,” said the student, who confirmed his vocation for this field thanks to the pandemic. “I have always liked science, but when I entered high school and with the issue of the pandemic, this was something that helped me decide to enter the field of medicine.” The young man from Tocopilla is clear about his future goals: first, enter the degree and complete it, later to master himself in neurosurgery.

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The Propaedeutic Program has assigned a special admission quota for its students to the Medicine degree at UCN Coquimbo. On this occasion, eight students took the test, with Cristóbal being the student with the highest score. “I was excited, I wanted to jump,” he recalled of his first impressions after finding out he had gotten the spot. “My parents were also very happy, they cried, they hugged me, they congratulated me and later that night we toasted at a special dinner,” he commented.

Starting in March, the former propedutico will begin a new adventure in Coquimbo. “It’s an opportunity to grow as a person and be an example for my brother to help him adapt to another environment,” he said.

“It fills us with pride that we have a student from Antofagasta who can pursue a career in medicine through this medium,” said Maritza Sanchez, coordinator of the UCN Propaedeutic Program. He said Cristobal is a talented student. A clear call towards this discipline. “We wish you all the best for this 2024 academic year,” he said.


Cristóbal Sánchez commented that the propaedeutic program was quite important, not only because it gave him the opportunity to study medicine, but also because it meant a sacrifice, getting up at 4:00 a.m. on Saturdays. “It was a great experience, because I was able to meet many colleagues and share with many of them.”

Likewise, he took the opportunity to thank the program, both the teachers and the others who created UCN Propaedeutic, in addition to leaving a message for new generations: “Pursue your happiness and your goal, never change the goal. As A teacher said, ‘If the goal is not achieved, change the way to reach the goal, but never the goal.’ I would also like to tell them to work hard, not to give up, because they have been given a chance and they should take advantage of it.

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