Presentation to the Geriatric Class of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Eastern Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla

On February 8, at the headquarters of the Royal Academy of Medicine and Surgery of Eastern Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla, the Geriatrics Class was presented in front of academics, a large audience and officials and participated in the said event:

Honorable. Mr. Armando Zuloaga Gomez. President of RAMAO, Ilmo. Mr. Manuel García Morillas. Secretary of RAMAO, Ilmo. Mr. Javier García Monleo. Accomplished academician and coordinator of the Geriatrics class, Dr. Juan Carlos Durán Alonso. President of the Andalusian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology, and giving an excellent conference: “The Longevity Revolution: Lights, Challenges and… Shadows” Dr. Jose Manuel Marin Carmona Geriatrician. Coordinator of the Memory Program and Healthy Aging Center of the Málaga City Council.

Adhering to the primary objective of geriatrics, which is to achieve the maintenance and functional recovery of the elderly person to achieve the maximum level of autonomy and independence, has led us to take the initiative at RAMAO to create a Geriatrics Class, This is a fact very well welcomed by the Board of Directors and all the academicians, including the inclusion of Geriatrics in this learned institution as well as the creation of chair number 36 for this specialization for the first time in history, with Dr. García Monleo was involved. Last year 2023, with the induction speech: The contribution of geriatrics to medicine has given new momentum to this specialty.

From Ramao Geriatrics Class we wish to disseminate and promote the advancement of knowledge about the aging process, study and maintain scientific relations with all doctors and health professions regarding the problems of old age that are rough way to relate to our elders., following the criteria of WHO and the Scientific Society of Geriatrics and Geriatrics. We also want to promote education and training work in health and other sectors that are involved in improving the quality of life of older people, as well as provide advice and support to official organizations and other institutions in the region. Autonomous and local, tackle the health and social problems arising from aging. We are going to organize sessions in which eminent speakers will address topics such as: unwanted loneliness, cognitive decline and dementia, healthy active ageing, major aging syndromes, etc.

Many figures in the field of aging have congratulated us and offered to confide in us, such as: Prof. José Manuel Ribera Casado, Emeritus Professor of Geriatrics and Full Academician of the RANM, Dr. José Augusto García Navarro, President of SEGG, and Dr. María del Mar Pagejo Jiménez, National President of the Spanish Red Cross, also a pediatrician.



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