Aaron Boone talks about Marcus Stroman

suffrage new York Yankees This is one of the historical novenas mlb, The winningest team in World Series editions, with 27 titles, will look to once again take the lead among the best baseball in the world. The results of the previous campaign had placed the Bronx men in fourth place in the Eastern Division of the American League, which did not comply with pre-competition plans drawn up by the team’s board of directors.

The off-season is the perfect time to polish the details that hinder results. Extra means that players joining different teams have a percentage which can greatly affect the final objective. new York Yankees Last January it added Pitcher to its ranks marcus stromanOn whom they trust a lot.

The correct scores showed it to be an interesting piece, so the management yankee He took advantage of their services. An agreement was reached between the two for $37 million for two seasons.

marcus stroman His service record is excellent. The American was part of the Toronto Blue Jays, New York Mets and Chicago Cubs teams, his performances in these teams had a record of 77 successes and 76 losses.

The Northerner’s statistics were complemented by a 3.65 earned run average and 1,091 strikeouts in 1,302 innings. With this in mind, the most valuable players world classic A must have valuable asset in the staff of the year 2017 new York Yankees,

New York Yankees high command praises mound player

Aaron Boonecaptain of the hosting team Starman, it’s pretty clear that the pitcher can be successful in the short term. The pitcher will be the subject of a large amount of work, with many expectations attached to him.

,I like the continuity of his career. His performance has been very good. He’s been a really reliable starter in this league for a long time. And he’s confident in his league and where it is. I think he’s 31, 32 years old. He’s one of those guys who is very committed to his art and his body and takes care of himself, so I think he’ll be a guy who will be in top shape for many years.“The strategist said.”

,And besides, I really believe he wants to be here with us Yankees, and it means something, and it means something to me, and I think that’s what he was made for. I guess this was the last game I wanted“, he pointed Aaron Boone,

The director’s words ended with reference to the fact that for the victory marcus stroman That could very well be the case, considering he should get offensive support from his teammates.

new York Yankees He has already planted his flag. Can they make it to the Fall Classic? How many positive decisions will a person with Puerto Rican blood make? We read your opinion.

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