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,Most humans use only 10% of their brain capacity. But, imagine we reach 100%“. This sentence, spoken by Morgan Freeman and highlighted in the trailer, alone sums up the basic concept of lucy,

The film is now available for free streaming on TF1+. Everything was new on paper in Luc Besson’s film released in 2014 leon or successor of fifth element : A hyper-impressive synopsis, a royal cast (so Scarlett Johansson and Morgan Freeman) and a comfortable budget of $40 million. Result ? A box.

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If the critics were not entirely impressed (66% on Rotten Tomatoes, only 2.7/5 from the press on Elocene), it was a success in France, for example, with more than 5.2 million viewers. Released in summer 2014, the film grossed over $460 million after three months. A figure that allowed it to become “the biggest success of a French feature film, taking into account all filming languages”, makes the master Wikipedia relevant to us.

sequel to lucy ,

And inevitably, this cardboard regularly gave rise to expectations of a sequel… even if Luc Besson systematically rejected the idea of ​​continuing the story. However, since the year since its release, a lucy 2 Was officially mentioned by EuropaCorp. Contrary to what he said a few months ago, the French director seemed interested and was even working on writing, on the other hand he assured to focus first. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets,

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The subsequent mixed success raised questions about the projects and caused EuropaCorp financial losses. But here again a sequel is back on the table. In late 2017, Variety also claimed that the scenario was in place. An announcement immediately dismissed by Luc Besson in a somewhat respectable manner. On Instagram he was angry at the media and journalists repeating this claim: “respect yourself. FYI: No, I am not preparing for Lucy 2. Neither tomorrow nor the day after. Yet this fake news has spread all over the world because of you…(…),

Nothing to discourage Variety, which raised the topic repeatedly in 2022. This time, there was talk of a spin-off as a series, with Morgan Freeman in talks to reprise his role. Have you seen its color or heard anything about it since then? We neither…

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Since then there has been no news of the sequel. Neither in the film, nor in the series. Consolation, lucy Waiting for you for free on TF1+.

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