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The Colombian striker left Europe after a lack of consistency at Eintracht Frankfurt.

Rafael Santos Borre.
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future of Rafael Santos Borre The solution has been reached and after several weeks of rumors about his departure from Eintracht Frankfurt, the Colombian player will return to South American football, specifically Brazilian football.

was the club in which there was most interest and on which very advanced negotiations took place Porto Alegre InternationalUltimately, this club was the one that acquired the services of the forward of the Colombian national team.

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colombians abroad

Through its social networks, the international confirmed the signing of Borre and presented its star signing through a video.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new scorer,” This was the message that Internacional left and appears in the Rafael Santos Borre video.

Similarly, International also confirmed in its statement that Borre signs a contract until December 2028 and the transfer includes the acquisition of federal rights and 80% of the economic rights.

Thus, Rafael Santos Borre’s journey through European football has come to an end and although he was playing for Werder Bremen, the club he was on loan at, his rights belonged to Frankfurt and despite winning the Europa League there, he Later failed to achieve much. Of continuity.

For now, Borre may have the opportunity to remain at Bremen and end his loan spell which runs until the end of the season. In fact, the international confirmed that the deadline to join the club is 07/10/2024, before completing the relevant procedures, but the idea is to get it immediately.


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