Firefighters conduct firefighting training at Tampa International Airport – Telemundo Tampa (49)

There will be an impressive display of firefighting skills and acumen at Tampa International Airport this Wednesday from 5 p.m. when the Tampa Fire and Rescue Department conducts a live training exercise.

The event, which promises flames up to 40 feet high, is organized by the Tampa Fire Rescue Airport Fire Rescue Division.

The uniqueness of this exercise lies in its focus: fighting fires caused by jet fuel, a rare but important challenge for firefighters. The practice is carried out in the dark of night to reduce the visibility of dense columns of black smoke, although the night flames promise to be a stunning sight, visible from several kilometers away, at times prompting people to report to the authorities. Call for. “Balls of Fire”.

The fire department has issued a notice to the community, urging them not to be concerned by the presence of smoke in the airport area during Wednesday night. The fire is expected to intensify around 6:30 pm. To simulate realistic air emergencies, a metal frame with wings immersed in jet fuel is used in training.

This exercise is part of a rigorous 40-hour certification class, culminating with this live fire scenario. Firefighters who participate and overcome this challenge will become alternate personnel for the station at Tampa International Airport, and must be re-certified annually in these types of exercises.

In a sign of interagency collaboration, Tampa International Airport has extended this training opportunity to other airports. Members of St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport will also be in attendance to complete their annual recertification.

The Tampa Fire Department, which employs 45 personnel at the ARFF (Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting) station, including an airport division chief, an instructor/teacher and an administrative assistant, demonstrates aerial preparedness and safety with this exercise, Which are important aspects of the well-being of the Tampa community and its visitors.


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