President Petro assures that South Africa deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for condemning genocide by Israel

President Gustavo Petro and South African Justice Minister Ronald Lamola.

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chairman gustavo petro Through his X account, he appreciated the complaint he filed South Africa Before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague israelHe accused a nation of committing genocide against the Palestinian people Gaza Strip, For the President, this initiative deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

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“If anyone deserves a Nobel Peace Prize today, it would be the South African legal team that filed the genocide complaint.” benjamin netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel) in defense of the Palestinian people,” President Petro said.

The President’s message is not the only show of support from the country for South Africa’s complaint before the ICJ, as in recent days, the Foreign Ministry has expressed its willingness to accompany the judicial action taken by the African country and agreed that the action of yoIsrael vs Palestine They should be classified as genocide and stopped. Other countries supporting the complaint are Chile, Brazil, Cuba, Iran, Jordan and Turkey.

In its intervention before the ICJ, South Africa called on Israel to “immediately” suspend its military operations in and against Gaza, as well as take provisional measures to protect the territory’s residents.

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Although South Africa’s initiative has been viewed favorably by UN experts, Israel does not believe that attacks against the Palestinian people can be classified as genocide. Furthermore, he accused the country of presenting to the ICJ a “deeply distorted factual and legal picture” of the reality of its war in Gaza.

“When it comes to Israel, it seems that the double standards of some countries in the world scream to the sky. Israel’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz said, “South Africa’s claims against Israel have no basis.”

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