Preventive Medicine recommends wearing masks in health centers and in crowds

In view of the current seasonal epidemic wave of acute respiratory diseases, Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine Public Health and Health Management (SEMPSPGS) considers “highly recommended” Use of masks in health centres, social health centers and residences, as well as in crowd in closed places Such as cinema, school, university, jobs or public transport.

Furthermore, experts in preventive medicine and public health express their concern about Lack of adoption of standardized precautionary measures Despite a reported increase in transmission of respiratory viruses both by the general population and by healthcare workers and their environment.

Given this reality, they urge the administration to implement Proactive policies to address these public health challenges And remember that “situations like the present can be avoided if every year, in the month of September, a Health care response plan for potential seasonal surgesLevel setting and reinforcement of care, as well as non-pharmacological interventions.

Spanish Society of Preventive Medicine, Public Health and Health Management founded Six basic measures to prevent the current situation from recurring, First of all, remember the importance of wearing masks in health care, social health centers and indoor crowds, regardless of the presence of clinical symptoms, especially during seasonal periods of high incidence of respiratory infections.

Similarly, it suggests making masks mandatory in care centers and restricting visits from sick patients to main caregivers with proper rotation. It also recommends promoting vaccination of healthcare workers and patient caregivers against the viruses that cause the most morbidity and mortality, including SARSCOV-2 and influenza.

Additionally, it proposes making it easier for workers with mild symptoms or sick family members in their care to telework or adapt jobs to reduce the risk of transmission.

Finally, he points out that air conditioning systems need to be adjusted to reduce the risk of transmission of respiratory infections, advocating higher air renewal rates in air-conditioned rooms, despite the cost in energy efficiency. so, Urges change towards a health system based on prevention rather than reactionRecognizing prevention not as an expense but as an investment, promoting a more sustainable and effective approach.

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