Prices and everything included

Copilot in its 365 version for companies will be an ideal choice for larger companies

Microsoft Copilot now available for businesses of all sizes: pricing and everything that's included
Microsoft Copilot is a big passion of the company and it has high expectations from this system.

It’s more obvious than that Microsoft wants to bet big on Copilot In 2024. Artificial Intelligence is designed to be integrated into its services and applications in addition to Newly announced Pro versionIt can also be integrated into the services of Microsoft 365 for businessProviding the possibility that a company can provide its employees with CoPilot has useful and attractive features In your system.

Copilot and Microsoft 365 for Business

just like Have you read about Andro4All recently?, Microsoft recently announced the CoPilot Pro service, a paid version that, compared to the free one, expands the possibilities of its service and adds premium qualities for users. However, the Pro version is for individuals, while Copilot 365 can be managed by companies globally A working ecosystem with Copilot Inside.

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Microsoft Copilot is one of Microsoft’s big hopes for 2024

Additionally, the company has also made efforts to facilitate access to companies, Removing any minimum membership limitsIt provides the option to avail the service One employee, or thousands of them, if the subscribing company so decides. Thus, therefore, Microsoft Copilot for Business These are the features,

  • Resources for all types of roles, Whether for “big picture” use, the business user, leader, adoption manager, IT professional, or developer, Microsoft CoPilot is specifically designed to help in all of those work areas. This way, each person will see their needs met with personalized features as per their work.
  • distinct advantage, With a Microsoft 365 subscription, Copilot allows you to use tools from different applications like Teams, Outlook, OneNote, Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Furthermore, it has its own customization different from Copilot Pro.

CoPilot pricing for businesses

The company will have to pay the cost of the co-pilot Fixed price of 28.10 euros per employee monthly, so this AI can be added to the Microsoft 365 plan through that additional fee. Besides, There is no minimum number of subscribed users required., giving companies more freedom. This is a price per head that Microsoft considers reasonable, because when it comes to tools that can increase productivity, it can mean Profitable investments in many areas,

Microsoft Copilot now available for businesses of all sizes: pricing and everything that's included

CoPilot Pro is an ideal choice for users who want to take CoPilot personally

Thus, three different Microsoft Copilot plans will be configured:

  • base copilot, Free and allows access to the basic functions of Microsoft CoPilot, such as Bing Chat functions such as text generator AI, or its implementation in the company’s browser, Microsoft Edge.
  • Copilot Prof. 22 euros per month, This allows you to enjoy premium features like GPT-4 Turbo and subsequent improvements, as well as CoPilot in Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications with Active 365.
  • Copilot for companies. 28.10 euros per month, It would be best suited for companies that want to give their employees increased productivity. Add everything included in Copilot Pro, plus AI support for Teams 365 and enterprise-grade data protection.

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