Prince William presents a decoration to Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke and her mother Jennifer Clarke have been awarded the title of Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) by Prince William. (Windsor, February 21, 2024.)
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Actress, best known for playing Daenerys in the series game of ThronesS, was appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) on Wednesday 21 February. This honorary title was bestowed by the eldest son of King Charles III himself.

This time, it wasn’t Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, Queen of Andalus and heir to the Iron Throne. Yet she walked away with an honorary degree. Emilia Clarke, actress revealed by the series game of ThronesWent to Windsor Castle with her mother Jennifer Clark on February 21. It was here that Prince William was waiting for him to confer the title and badge of Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

The moment was immortalized on the Instagram account of the Prince and Princess of Wales with a video and a few words starting with a reference to Daenerys’ kingdom: “From Westeros to the Windsors, today it’s a pleasure to introduce Emilia to Clarke and her mother. Real happiness.” Jennifer was honored for her charitable work in caring for Semyu as he recovers from a brain injury. ️The awards ceremony almost turned into a business meeting for Prince William. Emilia Clarke joked about her mother, saying, “I thought she would ask her to get on board, but she didn’t.” “I almost did,” he replied.

“It’s thanks to my mother’s work”

According to BBC, Emilia and Jennifer Clark are the first mother-daughter duo to receive the same award from the same list of nominees. “The most important thing is that my mother got it,” the actress said. “The fact that we’re together is very sweet and lovely, but really Dan’s existence is because of all the work my mom has done.” SamU is a charity founded in 2019 by Jennifer Clarke, which helps the recovery of people suffering from brain injuries, including her daughter.

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a personal reason

During an interview with BBC On July 17, on the show “Sunday Morning”, Emilia Clarke announced that she was suffering from two brain aneurysms (which appear when the wall of an intracranial artery expands abnormally, forming a blood sac). “I’m part of the very, very, very small minority of people who can get away with this,” he said. The first occurred in 2011, after filming the first season of the series. game of Thrones , The actress was 25 years old then. The second occurred in 2013, prompting a new operation that ended in failure. It would require another, massive intervention to make it work.

Now 35, Emilia Clarke works with her mother to help other victims. “My mission in life is to elevate this issue to the level it should be. Global awareness and global support,” he said on Instagram after receiving news of his appointment.

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