Process US work and residence permits quickly and easily

mobile application Immigrant Case Trackerannounces significant expansion of its services to include online processing work permit And this Residence in the United States,

This platform, which already has 130 thousand registered users, is targeted at Latin immigrants and offers full assistance in Spanish with cutting-edge technology and expert professionals in the immigration field.

The application has been a vital support for Cuban, Venezuelan, Haitian, and Nicaraguan immigrants who want to humanize the process of their immigration applications.

Immigrate has become a statistical analysis tool that provides data about approval and cancellation of applications humanitarian parole Processed by USCIS.

Immigrate’s new services allow users to complete Forms I-765 and I-485, which are required for application. work permit And this adjustment of statusQuickly and easily.

Additionally, they offer the possibility of receiving a fee waiver, which is a financial benefit to qualified applicants by eliminating some of the government costs associated with processing.

Inmigrate has collaborated with immigration law experts to optimize the user experience on the platform.

Thanks to integrated technologies the I-485 and I-765 forms are presented in the application in a simple and accessible way to ensure their correct completion and minimize potential errors.

In addition to automation in completing the fields, they have a virtual assistant available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide assistance to the user.

Once the forms are completed, they will be given a final review by an expert who will correct potential errors and communicate directly with the user to ensure the accuracy of the process.

After this, these documents will be sent to the user’s address for signature and sent to the relevant immigration authorities.

Inmigrate seeks to position itself as an accessible solution for all those who need to regularize their immigration status in the United States.

Management of Adjustment of Status for Green Card While it is offered at a price of $299 work permit It is processed for $160, with the option to request a fee waiver.

These services usually have a high price ranging between $2,000 and $5,000, which is why Immigrate’s offering is very competitive, especially if you take into account that this includes the documentation process and the translation of evidence required for shipping costs. Is included.

On the other hand, those customers of the Analysis Plus module will receive an additional discount of $29.99, maximizing benefits and savings.

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