PS5 could prepare for the arrival of a great technological revolution

A new patent from Sony points to the introduction of a new technology: augmented reality glasses

PS5 could prepare for the arrival of a great technological revolution

PS5 This is a generation that is growing at a good sales rate. There are currently over 55 million units worldwide, while the absence of major releases is one of the main hindrances for Sony consoles. However, where are they placing heavy bets on hardwarewith machine PlayStation VR2, PlayStation Portal, or Pulse Explore headset, And now, through a patent, it could be discovered a new technological advancement,

Needless to say, Patents are what they are And this project may be in limbo, but a record has recently been released by Sony that refers to Augmented reality glasses that will be compatible with PS5, So it seems that the Japanese company may be thinking of continuing the bet. various game modes To extend the offer to console users. for now Not many details are known about how this will apply to video games. Of brand.

Some examples are included through patents Create geometric shapes from molded paper by the user in various ways. Furthermore, it has also been said that technology can Combine multiple substrates into virtual play areas, For now, we will have to wait to see if this project comes to fruition.

PS5 Pro aims to be big news in 2024

Although Possible introduction of augmented reality on PS5 While this may be seen as something distant at the moment, it does not mean that Sony does not have any plans in this regard for the current 2024. And the fact that all rumors Indications are that the Japanese company may be thinking of launching a PS5 Pro later this year, so players who want it will be able to get one. Upgraded version of current generation machine,

During the month of June, the Classic PlayStation Showcase is expected to take place With all the best news from Sony in the future, this could be the ideal setting to show the PS5 Pro to the world.

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