Quarterhorse Mk 0 hypersonic drone beats SR-71 record

This innovative non-flying vehicle marks a milestone in surpassing the speed record SR-71,

HermesLeading aerospace company has achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the testing of its first fully integrated vehicle Quarterhorse MK 0, Nicknamed the “Dynamic Iron Bird”, the prototype has proven its worth by validating all major sub-systems of the aircraft in a real-world test environment.

He mk 0 This represents the beginning of an ambitious program that aims to develop four aircraft quarter HorseWith the ultimate goal of surpassing the all-time airspeed record set by the prestigious SR-71, Each of these aircraft will progressively increase in complexity, allowing Hermes Spread program exposure across multiple vehicles and accelerate the learning process.

The most impressive thing about this achievement is its astonishing speed. Quarterhorse MK 0, which was designed and built in a record time of six months. Additionally, all test objectives were met in only 37 days of deployed testing.

Objectives achieved include demonstration of taxiing using remote controls and controls, evaluation of radio frequency (RF) latency and ground handling qualities of integrated systems as well as demonstration of the correct positioning of the vehicle and flight deck. In case the link is lost.

Additionally, the human factors evaluation, as well as pilot steering and controls, was carried out in a collaboration that included external participants, which is a milestone in the flight test team. Hermes,

SR-71 Blackbird sets speed record in final flightSR-71 Blackbird sets speed record in final flight
SR-71 Blackbird sets speed record in final flight

Don KaderbekVice President of Testing HermesCommented: “The more the team works together and establishes its battle rhythm, the easier the flight testing will go.”

viewpoint of Hermes Rapid and iterative design is essential to accelerate aircraft development in relevant timeframes for our customers. AJ PiplicaCEO and Co-Founder of Hermeshighlighted that “the test campaign, measured in days rather than months or years, represents the speed needed to mature hypersonic technology and bring a transformative aircraft to market.”

All these tests were done Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) Of Tullahoma, Tennessee, Hermes Made a deliberate decision to conduct these ground test missions at a base in Air Forcewhich allowed direct interaction with the regulator and shooting range officials Air Force,

Quarterhorse Mk 0, Hermeus’ “dynamic iron bird” hypersonic unmanned aerial vehicle. (Photo by Hermès)

development and testing of quarterhorse mk 0 They embody the fundamental principles of Hermes, which are based on rich hardware and intense real-world testing. Now the focus is on Quarterhorse MK 1first flying vehicle HermesWhich is under construction and is expected to make its first flight in 2024, marking an important step towards the revolution in hypersonic aviation.

What major achievements were made with the Quarterhorse Mk 0?

Hermès’s first fully integrated vehicle, the Quarterhorse Mk 0, achieved significant achievements. It validated all its sub-systems in a real test environment, demonstrated its remote control taxiing capability, evaluated radio frequency latency and ground handling qualities. In addition, it verified the safety of the vehicle and flight deck, and conducted human factors testing and pilot checks.

What record time was achieved in the development of the Quarterhorse Mk 0?

The Quarterhorse Mk 0 was designed and built in a record time of only six months. This accelerated growth highlights the efficiency and innovation in Hermès’ strategy. Furthermore, they completed all test objectives in just 37 days, evidencing the impressively fast pace of work.

What is the ultimate goal of the Quarterhorse program?

The ultimate goal of the Quarterhorse program is to develop four aircraft of increasing complexity to surpass the airspeed record set by the SR-71. This ambitious program seeks to revolutionize hypersonic aviation, spreading the risk and accelerating learning across each version of the aircraft.

Where was the Quarterhorse Mk 0 tested?

Testing of the Quarterhorse Mk 0 took place at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) in Tullahoma, Tennessee. This location was deliberately chosen for direct interaction with the Air Force range and regulatory authorities, thereby facilitating effective cooperation and precise regulation.

What does the Mk 1 represent in the Hermès project?

The Quarterhorse Mk 1 represents a significant advancement in the Hermès project. It will be the company’s first flying vehicle and is scheduled to make its maiden flight in 2024. This aircraft is an important step towards realizing Hermes’ vision in hypersonic aviation, taking its innovation and development to new heights.


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