Rafa Marquez has been ruled out of leading Barcelona: he may also leave

lbad weather barcelona Xavi Hernandez has finished sentencing. The Barça coach has spoken volumes and announced to the media yesterday that Kule will leave the team’s bench at the end of the season. It is now up to Barcelona’s leaders to find the best replacement to bring Barcelona back into the title fight. The long and complicated process that awaits jon laportaPresident of the Barça unit, although several names are already being considered for the prestigious Spanish club.

It was he himself after Xavi’s announcement rafa marquez Who announced that he is ready to take the reins of such an award-winning club: “It is part of the process. If it has to happen to me, it will happen. Who would not want to be the coach of Barça. I will continue preparing, as a coach. This is my second season in. The board will have time to think carefully between now and the end of the league, You can’t refuse such an opportunity,” he replied.

From this moment on rumors will occur week after week. In fact Other names like Thiago Motta are already being considered, He is one of the first names to be mentioned as a replacement for Xavi Hernandez on the FC Barcelona bench. At 41, the Italian-Brazilian has started his coaching career on the right foot and it is a choice that will be valued. In a recent interview on DZAN he said about Xavi’s resignation: “I am very sorry for him becauseand it was working great, Klopp has also said goodbye. I don’t know the reason, but I wish him all the best.”

But the former Mexican international himself knows it is difficult for him. Media like Mundo Deportivo confirm this as they speak after speaking to Barça club sources, and from what they have been told which is not a viable option at this time And they point out that this is unlikely to happen in the new project. They understand that Rafa Marquez, who expires in June, is doing a good job at the helm of Barcelona and they should focus on continuing in this positive direction.

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