Rates and how to get it cheap

We show you the prices of the Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra at Movistar

Samsung Galaxy S24 at Movistar: rates and how to get it cheap
The back of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra in three different colors / Image by Christian Collado

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series are the most anticipated phones of February. Operators know this and that is why some allow their customers to receive these. Earlier we talked about Orange and now it is the turn of Movistar, because we will show you How much does it cost to get an S24, S24+ or S24 Ultra through Blue operator,

All prices for each model

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 128GB: It can be purchased free of charge for only 909 euros.

buy s24 128gb

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 256GB: Buy it for free for 909 euros or 48 months at 14 euros per month (Premium Pack), 15 euros per month (Advanced Pack) or 16 euros per month (Base Pack).

buy s24 256gb

  • Samsung Galaxy S24+ 512GB:It can be purchased for free for only 1,159 euros.

Buy S24+ 256GB

  • Samsung Galaxy S24+ 512GB: Buy it free for 1,159 euros or 48 months for 20 euros per month (Premium Pack), 21 euros per month (Advanced Pack) or 22 euros per month (Base Pack).

Buy S24+ 512 GB

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 256GB: It can be purchased for free for only 1,459 euros.

Buy S24 Ultra 256GB

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 512GB: Buy it for free for 1,149 euros or 48 months at 26 euros per month (Premium Pack), 27 euros per month (Advanced Pack) or 28 euros per month (Base Pack).

Buy S24 Ultra 512GB

The price depends on the pack you have contracted. Below we show you What rates are included in each pack:

  • premium pack:Fusion: Fusion Total, Total Plus, Fusion Pro2 and Pro4. Fusion + Premium Extra, Fusion + 4 Premium Extra and Fusion + Total Fiction with Fiber. miMovistar: Fiction with Netflix + All Football, with some of these packages Movistar Unlimited x4: Fiction with Netflix package, All Football package, LaLiga package, Champions package and Europa League.
  • advanced pack:Fusion: Fusion Selection, Selection Plus, Fusion Pro. Fusion + Relax and Fusion + Football. miMovistar with the Fiction package with Netflix, the Todo el Fútbol package, the LaLiga package or the Champions and Europa League package, and the Movistar Plus+ Essential package with Movistar Unlimited x4 or Movistar Unlimited x4.
  • base pack:Fusion:Fusion 0,Start,Start Infinity,Fusion 0 Professional. Fiber and radio base fusion. Fusion Series, Fusion Contigo, Fusion Base X2 and Fusion Base X4 with Fiber. miMovistar: Movistar Max, Movistar Unlimited, Movistar Unlimited X2, or any of them alone and with Movistar Plus+ Essential. Connect Max Fiber and Radio and connect Max TV Box (Fiber only).

You don’t own the device from the first minute, rather you lease it for 24 months, then automatically extend the contract for another 24 months and, after those 48 months, you can buy it back for just one euro (symbolic Can get for payment). Purchasing these is only possible if you are a Movistar customer., There are three colors available for the models grey, purple, yellow and black, It is possible that when you go to buy them in one color, they are out of stock, you can wait for them to be restocked or buy them in another color.

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