Red Devils, Masters and Lords score historic wins against Yankees

In addition to the victory against the Yankees, the Harp Helu family wrote a historic chapter for sports in Mexico.

mexico family harp helu Gave baseball lovers a few days and a series that will always have a special place in Mexico for the history, stories and documentaries of the ‘King of Sports’. The return of the New York Yankees south of the United States border exceeded expectations, setting a very high bar in events of this nature by receiving recognition from one of the most influential institutions in the world of football.

Aaron BooneThe Yankees’ manager was clear from Sunday after a 4-3 loss against red devil of mexico Pointing out that everyone should experience this type of party at some point in their lives and the Scarlet Ninth not only in recent years bringing baseball closer to all generations with the construction of a first-world stadium. Has done a great job, but also, with the help of its fans, to create an unsurpassed atmosphere at sporting events in Mexico, a theme that it has also repeated with great success in other parts of the country in the same discipline.

fond of red devil of mexico He did not allow himself to be “intimidated” by the huge number of New York Yankees fans who had gathered there. Alfredo Harp Helu Stadium And they made it clear who the locals were, despite their diverse attire. bronx bombersAlthough caps and flannel from other novenas from both mlb In form of Mexican Baseball LeagueWhich made it clear that the joke was part of this fantastic story that the owners of Capital Ninth dreamed up and executed to perfection.

Names like Giancarlo Stanton, Robinson Cano, Trevor Bauer and Aaron Boone have made headlines, headlines and headlines, but between this series Yankees And Devils It went beyond what happened on the diamond – not to mention the sweep of the Manhattan Mules – but this sporting encounter between the most successful franchises in their respective leagues sent a clear message that baseball in Mexico, with the environment in the stands, is on the level. In the efforts of the game and its managers to attract even more fans to the game, there could hardly be a better moment than this.

red Devils He was the perfect host for Yankees By displaying flags and visiting colors in the gardens, playing one of the iconic songs of ‘Manhattan Mules’ on the speakers such as Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ But, despite these amazing details, they were not going to do that. Let the historic franchise with 27 World Series titles take over the party.

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