Regional university sets a new milestone with first generation of medicine degrees

Joy, gratitude and pride emerged at the graduation ceremony of the first 28 doctors of O’Higgins University (UoH), who saw the fruits of their effort and commitment by becoming health professionals.

The new university celebrated an important milestone in its academic history by graduating its first generation of doctors in an emotional graduation ceremony. Held at the Rancagua Campus Auditorium, the event marks the culmination of students’ years of dedication, effort and academic excellence.

The ceremony, which was presided over by Rector Fernanda Cri; Prorector, Alvaro Cabrera; The director of the School of Health, Estefanía González, and the head of the Medicine degree, Mario Torres, attended by academic officials from the region and from various health centers, as well as teachers, family and friends of the students. As new professionals.

During the ceremony, the university’s comprehensive approach in training qualified doctors, not only in technical and scientific aspects but also in human, ethical and social values, was highlighted. The new professionals were praised for their ability to meet the challenges of modern medicine with a critical, ethical and compassionate approach.

For Rector Fernanda Cri Amar it was “a historic day, seeing our first generation of doctors graduate and we hope they will make a very important contribution to the health of the region and the country. UoH’s focus is on empowering the region’s youth to develop in all areas. It is a day of immense pride for those of us who make up this university. This is one of the careers that began with UoH, one with much greater complexity and each of them on this day Gave my best to reach.

For his part, for Mario Torres, head of the UOH Medicine program, the first generation of graduates “fills us with pride, because they are part of the history of our university, a public institution with a regional focus, very powerful among the public, With a social conscience that is very well reflected in these 28 doctors, we are sure that they will make continued contributions to the health of the country.”

The final speeches were given by Valentina Droguet and José Miguel Sotomayor, who stressed the importance of the social responsibility of doctors and their fundamental role in the well-being of society. In addition, UoH’s commitment to medical research and innovation was recognized, with new professionals being urged to contribute to the advancement of medical science and the continuous improvement of health care.

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For Jazmin Teran, her degree is the culmination of her efforts over the past seven years. “I feel very happy and proud of what I have achieved in this time. This is an important moment where we can see concretely all the work done during these seven years. It’s a dream to come to this event and see that we accomplished everything we set out to do.”

For his part, José Miguel Sotomayor emphasized the responsibility that comes with being part of the first generation. “We must live up to the oath we take and contribute to the public health of the country. This is an important responsibility because we will bring the University’s seal of approval to our jobs and to our patients. “We have to live up to the values ​​that our school instilled in us.”

UoH thus reaffirms its commitment to the training of highly qualified and ethically committed health professionals. This first promotion of Doctors not only represents an achievement for the graduates but also an important milestone in the growth and development of the educational institution, which positions itself as a higher education institution with a vision and mission of academic excellence. Continues to strengthen in. Contribute to the progress of society through training of professionals.

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