Release date, casting, plot… first information on the new season

It is the most watched English-language series in Netflix history! This series comes from addams family It ruled the top of Netflix for months all over the world, until reaching the peak after its release in November 2022. Created and directed (only partially) by Tim Burton, it caused a sensation among Netflix subscribers, attracting anonymous people and celebrities, including actresses Hilary Burton and Lady Gaga, who used the invention by Jenna Ortega on its title. Enjoyed using the choreography done. Bloody Mary. However, viewers had to wait several weeks after its release for Netflix to renew the series for Season 2: the sequel was made official on January 6, 2023, on the company’s Twitter account in Red Ann. “We can’t wait to dive into another season and explore the bizarre and scary world of Nevermore, Miles Millar and Alfred Gough were announced as showrunners on the Netflix Tudum website. We just have to make sure the pool isn’t empty on Wednesday first… It’s amazing to create a show that speaks to so many people.” Release date, casting, filming, intrigue… Télé-Loisirs recaps everything you need to know about season 2 Wednesday Expected on the streaming platform, the sequel to one of the best series to watch on Netflix.

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Release Date: When will Season 2 be released? Wednesday On Netflix? Do we have any news about the second season?

Announcement of renewal of Wednesday Season 2 was slated for early January 2023. So we will have to be patient before finding it on our screens. Had production begun, the series would have been significantly slowed by a writers’ and actors’ strike. In fact, almost all filming has been stopped since May 2023 and the screenwriters’ strike. In July, it was the actor who followed suit. Like many other series, Wednesday So impressed. But good news in November 2023: The crisis is over since the screenwriters’ strike in September and the actors’ strike in November ended. The series’ writers were therefore able to resume work in preparation for filming. Wednesday In any case, it was considered a priority series by Netflix, just like Season 5 stranger things,

Wednesday Season 2: Latest News

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Wednesday Season 2: This huge sacrifice Jenna Ortega made to film the rest of the series: The actress had to make a radical decision

Wednesday (Netflix): Watch out, there’s a big change in store for Season 2: Production surprises fans.

Netflix has already found its own series to replace Stranger Things and you know it very well! :The series with Jenna Ortega is a priority for Netflix.

Wednesday (Netflix): Why this series star may be axed from Season 2: Will this series star be absent from the sequel?

Wednesday: 11 years ago, this star appeared unfamiliar in one of the best legal series: would you recognize him?

Intrigues and Theories: What to Expect from Season 2 Wednesday Get out ?

At the end of the first season of WednesdayThe heroine managed to trace the identity and stop the killers who were spreading chaos in the city. As she prepares to return home, she receives a strange text message revealing that she has returned seen by a new enemy, Who is this person and what does this person want? This new investigation will bring joy to the terrified young girl and set an interesting path for Season 2! At the same time, the last episode showed that Tyler had turned into Hyde in the truck taking him to prison. While he may no longer be acting under orders from Laurel Gates, he will definitely be back to haunt the town’s residents… and Wednesday! We should also expect the audience to see new adversaries that the young girl faces, such as For example morning songs. The group is led by Bianca’s mermaid mother, who is known for being very persuasive towards her interlocutors…

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In June 2023, Jenna Ortega revealed new information about Season 2 of the series. The actress who was completely against the idea of ​​her character being at the center of a love story has confirmed that that won’t be the case in the sequel. ,We decided to delve deeper into the horror. We’re going to abandon any romantic intrigue, which is really great (…) We’re going to do something more adventurous, something deeper.” she explained to Variety.

During the Tudum event held on June 17, 2023, the series team also discussed the upcoming arrival of a new member of the Addams Family. If they haven’t revealed the exact identity of the character, there are several possibilities. the most likely? Cousin machine.

Trailer: first photos of season 2 Wednesday

At the moment, Netflix has not yet released any teaser or trailer for this second season.

Cast: Emma Myers (Enid), Jenna Ortega (Wednesday Addams), Catherine Zeta-Jones (Morticia), Hunter Doohan (Tyler), Percy Hines White (Xavier)… Who will be in the cast of Season 2 Wednesday ,

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Most of the actors were seen in the first season of Wednesday Should come back in the next episode. Here is the expected casting for the sequel:

  • Jenna Ortega : wednesday adams
  • hunter doohan :Tyler Galpin, sheriff’s son
  • Percy Hines White :Xavier Thorpe
  • emma myers : Enid Sinclair
  • happy sunday :Bianca Barclay
  • georgie farmer :Ajax Petropoulos
  • Naomi J. ogawa : Yoko Tanaka
  • jamie mcshane :Sheriff Donovan Galpin
  • Victor Dorobantu : talk
  • Catherine Zeta Jones : Morticia Addams, Wednesday’s Mother
  • luis guzman :Gomez Adams, Wednesday’s father
  • Isaac Ordonez : Pugsley Adams, Wednesday’s brother
  • george barcia : Maximum
  • fred armisen :Uncle Fatide

Given the events of last season, one might wonder If gwendoline christie Whether or not she will reprise her role as Larissa Weems, However, one theory is that he faked death due to his gift of transformation. It is also unclear whether Christina Ricci will reprise her role in the sequel. Riki Lindholm’s character probably did not survive the HYDRA attack and therefore probably will not return for Season 2. Finally, let’s allow ourselves to dream: Maybe Lady Gaga will appear in the sequel; Jenna Ortega already knows what role she’d like to see him in! While a Netflix star is struggling for a role.

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A question also remains about Xavier Thorpe’s interpreter, Percy Hines White. The Canadian actor has been accused of abuse of minors, sexual assault and rape. Although he did not speak on the matter for several months, the actor condemned it on his Instagram account “The propaganda campaign against him”. A source close to the actor and his family had told in September 2023 daily Mail These allegations may have led to Percy Hines White being removed from the series. contacted by daily Mail, Streaming platform has not confirmed rumors of actor’s departure: A spokesperson claims “No decision on casting” It was not taken up due to the strike that is rocking Hollywood. Furthermore, until a court decision is issued to this effect, Percy Hines White will be considered innocent for the time being.

Wednesday Season 2: New characters join the plot

Who says new season, says new characters restart the intrigues. Casting announcements published by Netflix hinted at the heroes who will be roaming around in Season 2 on Wednesday. from them, Karloff described it as “A young athletic teenager”, It has been hinted that the actor chosen will have to wear prosthetics. Fans of the series have made connections with the character of Frankenstein, suggesting Karloff may have a connection to him. Another new male character in Season 2, Wolfgang, refers to a member of the Addams Family: Uncle Wolfgang, who appears in one episode of the animated version. addams family, Could Wolfgang be related to Wednesday? In any case, it is depicted as “An attractive and confident teenager”. At the end, Fans will also meet Annie, a young girl aged 12 to 14, who is described as “Intelligent and wise beyond his years.”

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Summary of the end of season 1 Wednesday :What happened in the last episode? Who is the animal?

In Wednesday’s final episode we finally found out who was behind the terror-inducing monster. After investigating the murders near Nevermore Academy, Wednesday discovered that Marilyn Thornhill was actually Laurel Gates, a descendant of Joseph Crackstone, founder of the city of Jericho. The student told the whole truth to Principal Weems, which led to her death. Another revelation from the sorting? Tyler is truly the Hyde Monster. Thanks to them, Laurel revives the Crackstone. It was successful in destroying it only on Wednesday. However, Tyler is still alive. He transformed into a monster again while being arrested by the police.

Where to watch season 2 of Wednesday in streaming? Will the series change platforms?

Season 1 of Wednesday is available on Netflix, and despite rumors that’s not going to change. It was rumored that the series could leave the platform to join the Prime Video catalogue, but the rumor was apparently denied after the official announcement of the renewal of the series for Season 2, which is still on Netflix.

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Episodes, filming: how many episodes in season 2 Wednesday (Wednesday). in vo) What will this include? Where is the series filmed?

We can imagine that season 2 of the series will have the same number of episodes as the first salvo, i.e. eight episodes, At present, the streaming platform has not commented on the issue. Regarding filming, it should start soon but there will be changes. While Season 1 was filmed in Romania, This season 2 will be filmed in Ireland, Producer Steve Stark made this revelation in November 2023, revealing that the series starring Jenna Ortega was also filmed approximately in London. Having already worked in Ireland for the filming of Vikings, the producers used their contacts and so Wednesday would be filmed in the same studios as Vikings.

a spin-off soon Wednesday On Netflix?

If the streaming platform is actively working to introduce Season 2 of one of its biggest hits as soon as possible, Netflix may also want to ride on its success. Wednesday By expanding the universe of imagination. So a spin-off will be in preparation and it will focus on Uncle Fatide, who appeared for one episode in the first season.

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