Reveal unreleased details of eternal soap opera

Once again, as was the case in the previous period, Kylian Mbappe once again caught everyone’s attentionRegarding his final signing for Real Madrid. Now, this is French medium le parisian the fact that It assumes that the forward has already made the decision Leave PSG about it and explain it to him “There is no room for doubt.”

At first it seemed like this. Not after that. And now the situation seems to be reversed once again. ‘Merengue’ talks have been an endless roller coaster To pursue one of the best forwards in the world, which has been a big desire of his for a long time.

That surprising ‘no’ of Mbappe that disappointed the white fans seems to be left behind with the new report made by the aforementioned portal, which ensures that although the information is not official, the sources consulted They agree that he will leave Paris to go to Madrid.

Kylian Mbappe with PSG.


Kylian Mbappé for Real Madrid?

This Saturday, Le Parisien published an article titled: “Kylian Mbappé chooses Real Madrid.” Under the joint signature of its three journalists, Dominique Séverac, Harold Marchetti and Marc Mechenou, the note became a worldwide sensation and generated much noise.

“For PSG and the many great heroes of French football, there is no longer any room for doubt: The star has decided to leave Ligue 1 at the end of the season And join the biggest club in the worldWho is always waiting for him,” he explains.

The versions in recent weeks were contrary. While in Spain it was widely said that the world champion would reach an agreement with the top Champions League winner, in France he said he would remain part of the team currently managed by Luis Enrique.

But this twist takes a quick and deadly turn in the case, It must be remembered that at the beginning of the season, Mbappé was dropped from the team when Luis Enrique took charge of the team following the departure of Christophe Galtier. But the need to keep him on the field meant that this measure was short-lived and as Neymar left for Al-Hilal, the club’s top scorer returned to training and as a starter.

Similarly, the above medium indicates that PSG no longer “illusioned”” And adds: “Pessimism has spread throughout PSG’s headquarters and factory plants. For everyone, the battle is lost and Kylian Mbappe has decided on Real Madrid, the second club with Paris at his heart. “He no longer has any illusions, inspired by some signals received from Bondinois.”

The end may be near for Mbappe at PSG

In any case, they point out that if Mbappé eventually decides to leave the club, PSG is prepared “psychologically” and financially, in contrast to how everything could have happened last year. Le Parisien says: “The best French player is determined to wear the world’s most famous football shirt, Real Madrid, this time.”

It should be noted that this is not official. For now, Mbappe is silent and there is a lot of secrecy regarding the final transfer to Real Madrid.

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