Review of the only good recent episode of Black Mirror on Amazon

Less innovative than captivating.

In In place of, the earth is dying. shocking? Not so much: This starting point, straight from the IPCC report, is a recurring statistic in SF. Humanity must find a way to escape beyond its environmentin the same way as i interstellar (which is why we get sandstorms here), Nandan Serious efforts.

Junior (the wonderful Paul Mescal) has been called up through a draw to be part of the Pioneers Closer to recruitment than a raffle., Except that we won’t be following his discovery of the orbital station, but rather the way he comes to terms with the looming threat of separation from his partner (Saoirse Ronan). With its nose at grassroots level rather than focusing on the stars, the film is less interested in its predecessors than in what it left behind.

Enemies: Saoirse Ronan, Paul MescalGood Cop28 or Bad Cop28?

Avatar, oh… In place of Crops in favor of popular topics. His pitch is also not without excitement some symbolic contexts of black Mirror ,my heart for lifeOne of the most attractive of the last batch, but also come back soon in season 2).

The plot is as follows Almost tightened around dynamics behind closed doors Anti-brilliant. Sure, there are some neat exteriors and a handful of futuristic scenes, but most of the scenes take place in the middle of an isolated farm, between four walls plastered with faded wallpaper.

Except for a few blurred figures in the background, the cast consists of two lovebirds and the man in charge of recruitment. a golden tool for Unleash the talent of its artists : Supported by two actors in tune, Paul Mescal does not miss the opportunity to deploy the range of his palette before wearing a skirt gladiator 2,

Enemy: Saoirse RonanEnemy: Saoirse RonanRemaining

intimate science fiction

This conceptual framework serves the purpose of psychological study of the couple. The possibility of a big departure forces Junior and Hein to make adjustments again, whether to be united or separate, And the announced arrival of a robotic version of the absent future is unlikely to simplify this emotional maelstrom.

Pulling the threads of its SF postulates, In place of Supports certain issues through metaphor. Reality becomes uncertain when changed by double figuresTo question At the end The way we create ourselves individually, in pairs and (partially). Direct confrontation, obvious manipulation, separate interrogations and discovery of recordings are all opportunities to highlight or emphasize what has been left unsaid.

Enemies: Saoirse Ronan, Paul MescalEnemies: Saoirse Ronan, Paul Mescallong sobs of the violin

As the disruptive third party, Aaron Pierre is by turns pleasant and disturbing. In creating alienation in the hearts of the couple, it creates a powerful disturbance and outlines the management of a trio with changing interactions. Mesmerized by the alchemy of his actors, the camera takes time to scrutinize their faces and their silences.

The result is a certain slowness, A cozy atmosphere surrounded by layers of sadness, If this rhythm may discourage those who have imagined a thrilling space adventure, it maintains a delicious illusion that leaves us, like the characters, always a breath away from losing our footing.

The Replacements (also known as Foe) is available on Amazon Prime Video from January 5, 2024

Enemy: English PosterEnemy: English Poster

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