Ricardo Phillips: Vasco Aguirre never apologized for kicking

Speaking with ESPN, ‘Patton’ Phillips explains that he met Javier Aguirre in an elevator, but they did not talk about the incident at the 2009 Gold Cup.

Mexico – 15 years have passed since that kick javier aguirre hit him ricardo phillips one in Mexico against panama In gold cup 2009 And the former Panamanian footballer remembers it like it was yesterday.

“Well, that game is like the Wednesday game: there is pressure. And I think the technical director at that time (Aguirre) didn’t know how to handle pressure, because he said he wanted to defend his players but that wasn’t the way because he wasn’t playing kicking, he was Wasn’t playing any of that, not even boxing, “I was playing football,” he said. ‘Patton’ Phillips From his native country, where he assures that nothing like this has ever happened to him, not even while playing on the field.

“In here panama I grew up in sensitive places, including very hot places like here Mexico Where there’s only one in charge of the gang and that hasn’t happened to me panama So that I can spend time with him (Aguirre). If we are talking in every sense that we are professionals, then I never thought that he would behave like this.

Philips Remember after feeling the kick aguiar Next to the limeline at Houston’s Reliant Stadium, he even contemplated a slap in the 79th minute of a match that ended in a 1-1 draw. ‘Basque’,

“I went towards him to get his attention, although I didn’t know if he would be able to control me or if I was going to slap him like fighters. He commented, “I don’t know but I regret it, I just tackled him in the chest, I pushed him back but I never thought they would give me a red card because he was the one who attacked.”

“I thought I’d give him a slap. Later I regretted it because imagine if I had hit him, they would have been even worse, because he was the one who attacked me first and we have to be fair. “If I had done it earlier, that would be fine, but I would never have disrespected her.”

Indeed, the former professional footballer, whose son of the same name currently plays for the U-23 national team panamaaccepts that ‘Vasco’ Aguirre He never apologized for that incident.

“No, we also saw each other in the lift and he was with a security guard. “We looked at each other, but no, he didn’t apologize or anything,” she said. ricardo phillipswho believes in this thursday panama will defeat mexican team to advance to the finals of CONCACAF Nations League,

“We have a compact team that plays without complications. As the years have gone by, we have been developing, now we have more players, more experience, more knowledge, more attitudes, more motivation. we can play for you Mexico“I believe in my team, first of all God, Panama will beat them.”

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