Rihanna: Her Beau A$AP Rocky Promotes Fenty Beauty!

Between Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, it’s a big deal! Not the slightest bit proud, the rapper even just endorsed his sweetheart’s brand!

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky love each other like the first day, The happy father of two, to promote his other half’s brand Naturally put it in headlines on the web: Explanation! MCE TV reveals everything to you.

Rihanna is more thriving than ever with A$AP Rocky

Rihanna turned her head. Of course, with his hits too With the plastic of your dreams!

If a time, the interpreter of stay had a series of romantic relationships, she is here Now posed with rapper A$AP Rocky. As the pair walked the red carpet. Journalists and fans are going crazy!

We can say that the lovebirds also found each other just right. Both the actors met for the first time in 2012 Arrange a good cooperation!

But at that time, Rihanna still marked From her past history with Chris Brown that too quite easily friendly A$AP Rocky.

For many years, the main parties viewed each other only as friends. But we have to wait till 2021 So that they can finally formalize their beautiful romance!

Two years ago, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first boy, named RZA Athelstan Meyers. As for his younger brother, Riot Rose Meyers, they showed last summer.

For year-end celebrations, young parents and their offspring also pack their suitcases into Aspen. Thus their clan Activities and style lessons followed.

well obviously, There was also good humor in their well-deserved holidays. A perfect happiness that makes you dream!

Fenty Beauty highlights fabulously

Madly in love with my beauty, A$AP Rocky is never stingy with praise when he talks about it, “this is much better When we found the right one”, He also told this to our colleagues at GQ.

But : “He outnumbers everyone else a million times. I guess when you know, you know. That is one.”

It was during the pandemic that he became close to Riri! “At that moment he became like family,” Revealed the young mother to Vogue.

And to complete: “I“I feel like I could spend any part of my life with her.” for recently reach hollywood, The star praised it a lot.

“As a father I love them in a different way. It’s major, major, it’s exciting,” He confessed. , It’s just like: Wow! what a leader, What a wonderful, patient and loving father.”

At home, Therefore, A$AP Rocky will be deployed on every front with his children. , I’m just a background, I’m an extra”, Rihanna was happy.

Singer, actress and businesswoman, The bubbly brunette has many strings to her bow!

to promote lux balm, New PMain product of your brand fenty beauty, Rihanna was also able to trust her man. In fact, the latter worked again His title RIOT (Rowdy PipeN) was meant to bring him into the limelight.

A$AP Rocky has bold words in the background as he presents the text to the camera. , Soft, shiny. No b—- that’s not lip gloss…Lux balm is in my palm. New collaboration with my little mom”, he muttered. We love!

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