Rihanna is putting Matthew Perry’s massive former mansion up for sale!

Rihanna has decided to put up for sale the former huge mansion of Matthew Perry, the star of the series Friends, who died a few months ago.

Rihanna owns a lot of real estate. There are some in which he never stepped. This is especially the case The old apartment that belonged to Matthew Perry.

Rihanna puts Matthew Perry’s mansion up for sale

A few months ago, Friends fans learned some very bad news. Series actor Matthew Perry lost his life. After this, tributes from his loved ones as well as his community increased manifold.

As a reminder, he was found lifeless in his Jacuzzi. According to the investigation, he lost his life due to heavy consumption of ketamine. A real drama for his fans.

Recently, he also learned that his old apartment was put up for sale by Rihanna. As a reminder, the singer had made Acquisition of his “mansion in the sky” in Los Angeles.

According to our colleagues at Robb Report, Rihanna paid a sum of $21 million to acquire this property last year. He bought this mansion from billionaire Nick Molnar.

At the same time, the mother of two children never lives in this mansion. However, the latter has everything to please. He Located on the 40th floor of The Century Building which has 42 floors.

The mansion also has four bedrooms and is 860 square metres. Rihanna, for her part, will be able to earn a good additional value thanks to this apartment. And for good reason, he decided to put it up for sale for the amount of $25 million.

25 million dollar apartment

If Rihanna didn’t live in this apartment, Matthew Perry would have taken care of it. Our colleagues at Le Figaro revealed this “It took time and a lot of money to completely redevelop the space with the help of architect Scott Joyce and interior designer LM Pagano”,

Our colleagues also noted that this location benefits from a private elevator. It also has large bay windows An incredible view of Los Angeles. Another positive point that can attract many people.

Private cinema room, master suite, dressing room, bathroom and private lounge complete this property. but that’s not all. The media also indicated that Rihanna and Matthew Perry’s former apartment has four outdoor terraces.

One thing is for sure, this is one apartment that will not fail to find a buyer soon. And with good reason, it’s quite a popular spot among stars. these are the last I have a true crush on this neighborhood.

But also for this building which is more than forty floors tall. It remains to be seen who will be lucky enough to get this spot. Some people also wonder if Rihanna will get the amount she wants.

It may well be that with this amount of money, the singer decides acquire new assets, You will need to be a little more patient now before you know more about it. to be continued !