Rihanna performed for the son of India’s richest man!

billionaire Mukesh Ambani Started the festivities as part of his son’s wedding. On this occasion, India’s richest man pulled out all the stops by inviting Rihanna to perform.

Courtesy: Sujit Jaiswal/AFP
Courtesy: Sujit Jaiswal/AFP

Know details about it here pre wedding celebration Which brought together the world’s elite in Jamnagar, India.

Rihanna’s first concert in 8 years

Rihanna She took to the stage for her longest performance in eight years at a pre-wedding function in Jamnagar. the artist performed 19 songs For billionaire Mukesh Ambani’s son, for his first full-length concert since 2016, It’s enough to make everyone who wasn’t invited green with envy.

This appearance on stage in India on Friday evening is his first major live performance Super Bowl In 2023, Rihanna got the opportunity to sing some of the fan favorite songs like:

  • Stay tuned from 2012;
  • The Umbrella That Launched His Career;
  • Birthday Cake;
  • Up for this;
  • Wild ideas and much more.

In doing so, Rihanna repeated elements of her Super Bowl setlist. He even borrowed some choreographed dance moves paris goebel for the occasion.


images of private concert It is being broadcast on X thanks to some caring participants who recorded it. Most of the exhibits are now available online.

The pop singer was reportedly paid at least $6 million For the private wedding ceremony of Anant Ambani.

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Most influential personality among the guests

Rihanna’s audience was a sea of ​​billionaires (and a few millionaires). Apart from Zuckerberg, list of 1,200 guests Understand Bill Gates, Sundar PichaiCEO of Google, and bob igerCEO of Disney.

Ari Emanuel, CEOAttempt Was also there. Bollywood stars in the world of entertainment Shahrukh Khan And Amitabh Bachchan was present. Obviously, Ivanka trump And Hillary Clinton Both were present, which increased the tension at the ceremony.

According to predictions, 28 year old groom Anant Ambani is all set to get married -Radhika Merchant In July 2024,

Patriarch Ambani is accustomed to celebrations of this magnitude. he has already spent over 100 million dollars For Anant’s sister’s wedding, IshaIn 2018, At that time, it was Beyoncé Who offered a personal service.

A year later, Isha’s twin brother celebrated their pre-wedding with a joint performance Distasteful game and of Chainsmokers, This is quite understandable, considering that Mukesh Ambani currently has a net worth of 111 billion Which ranks him as the richest man in Asia.

Credit: Variety

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