The “primitive” Maradiaga did not travel to Choluteca; admitted to a clinic

Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

Ramon Enrique “Primitivo” Maradiaghas created fear of the day within the team of upnfm wolvesWhere the strategist has not been able to travel with his team to Choluteca, where they will face this Monday Produce for the ninth day of Completion 2024,

As per the report received la prensa newspaper, Teacher primitive maradiaga He finished training this Sunday, where he blocked his starting XI and called for a duel against Carpenter.

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However, after technical negotiations, the Honduran helmsman began to feel discomfort. he felt dizzy and faintedSo the club’s medical staff assisted him and when there was no improvement, they took him to a healthcare centre.

The situation has become a bit complicated and that is why they have decided to conduct some drastic tests. to Ramon Maradiaga So that the depth of his suffering would be greater than would prevent him from directing Monday’s duel.

Replacement of Ramon Maradiaga

In turn, it turned out that the former player juan florWill be in charge of being the main technician in this duel.

UPNFM will ask for permission so that the reservation technician can attend Rudy PadilLa, who was recently honored as the best coach of the special reserves in Honduras.


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