A lone killer whale killed a great white shark in less than two minutes and it was all caught on video

Centro Studi Squali / Ariana Di Bari

A pair of killer whales working together have been killing white sharks off a stretch of the South African coast since at least 2017, plundering the sharks’ nutrient-rich liver and throwing away the rest.


Scientists are trying to understand the hunting approach that has driven sharks away from parts of the coast around Cape Town, and now research has revealed a surprising new twist in the behavior that could mean what for the marine ecosystem. Might give clues about it. General.

Scientists last year watched how one of the hunters, a male orca known as Starboard, single-handedly killed a 2.5-meter-long juvenile white shark over a two-minute period.

“Over two decades of annual trips to South Africa, I observed the profound impact these killer whales have on the local great white shark population. Dr. Primo Micarelli, a marine biologist at the Center for Shark Studies and the University of Siena in Italy, who was aboard one of the two ships, said, “It was unforgettable to see a great white shark passing by our boat to starboard ” Investigators observed the attack.

Killer whale vs. white shark: New study reveals surprising hunting strategy

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